The Natural Choice Is Istanbul

For a variety of factors, Istanbul is by far Turkey's greatest city for digital nomads.

For starters, it offers the greatest infrastructure, including the country's largest airport, the best public transit network, the highest English levels, the most fellow nomads, and the most co-working spaces and nomad-friendly coffee shops.

Second, because people from all around Turkey come here, it's sometimes referred to as a "microcosmos of Turkey." To put it another way, you'll get a personal look at Turkey's variety, as well as restaurants and cultural institutions that highlight the unique characteristics of each province. That's not to mention the countless world-class tourist sites and nightlife alternatives.

Is there something to be concerned about? For first-time visitors, Istanbul might be daunting. The megacity isn't for anyone who don't enjoy crowds, with more than 15 million residents and a sprawling region spanning two continents. Furthermore, it is slightly more costly than other Turkish cities, and the never-ending flood of tourists can grow exhausting over time. Istanbul has been the crossroads of several cultures and civilizations for ages, spanning two continents. Istanbul's varied past is on display everywhere these days. Some of Turkey's most remarkable Ottoman architecture may be seen in the historic Ottoman center, known as "Sultanahmet." Other regions, such as Beyoğlu, are more European in nature. In sum, in this 15-million-strong metropolis, history is everywhere. Apart from its numerous historical sites, Istanbul is now one of Europe's and the Middle East's greatest remote working hubs.

The following are three key reasons why Istanbul is a good fit for digital nomads:

  • a cheap cost of living for those earning euros or dollars;
  • an endless array of tourist attractions, cultural, and gastronomic landmarks; 
  • a safe and developed metropolis with a world-class public transportation system and one of the world's busiest airports.

Istanbul's Digital Nomads' Cost of Living

One of the benefits of being a digital nomad in Istanbul is the low cost of living. For the past few years, the value of the Turkish lira has been declining, making remote employees earning euros or dollars more attractive.

So, what does being a digital nomad in Istanbul cost?

If you're cooking your own meals and staying in flats, I'd spend roughly 1,000€ (US$1,200) per month based on personal experience and the stories of other nomads. If you intend on having a lot of luxury dinners, going on excursions, or partying a lot, increase your budget by 300€ (360 USD). Overall, Turkey offers excellent value for money, as everyday expenditures such as non-imported food, lodging, and public transportation are far lower than in other European and Middle Eastern nations.

As a digital nomad, where should you work in Istanbul?

Istanbul has a plethora of coworking spaces. Alternatively, a variety of coffee shops and tea houses with fast Wifi and a peaceful ambience are appropriate for remote workers. Kolektif House is one of Istanbul's most well-known coworking spaces. They have locations in a variety of communities and offer a variety of memberships. Atölye is another excellent coworking option. It's a hub for innovators, entrepreneurs, and designers in Bomonti, which is a little further out. Impact Hub (in Levent) and Dam are two more well-known co-working spaces (close to Istiklal Street). In Istanbul, there are several coffee cafes to choose from. Espresso Lab (located across the metropolis) and Kronotop (located throughout Istanbul, including Karaköy) are two of people’s favourite chains.

Istanbul, even though in has numerous natural attractions, is the definition of urbanization.To a city where everybody is constantly rushing to somewhere and witness various kinds of business types, digital nomads are more than welcome. Everywhere you go, every cafe you pass by is filled with people using their technological devices to study, work, or communicate. Since this is a well-known and accepted fact, there are even services of pocket Wi-Fi with unlimited internet delivered to hotels. If you are a digital nomad who tries to decide where to go, you should know that Istanbul is the perfect place for you

Frequently Asked Question

How is the nightlife in Istanbul?
-As Istanbul is a metropolis full of working people, the night is needed to relax and have fun by many people. So the nightlife in Istanbul is pretty busy, and you can surely find a lot of activities all around the city.
How is the transportation in Istanbul?
-Istanbul's public transportation is quite economical, and the city's bus and rail networks are outstanding. For example, a bus ride from Sabiha Gökçen International Airport to Kadiköy, the Asian side's hub, costs roughly $2 USD and takes 30-40 minutes depending for traffic. There are several websites that list all bus routes, fares, and timetables, allowing you to quickly organize your trips across the city.
Is it easy to keep fit and be healthy in Istanbul while working hard?
-In Istanbul, there are many gyms and fitness facilities to choose from, so here are some of the finest for digital nomads. Plus Fitness appears to be a fantastic location to go if you need a personal trainer or diet assistance, and their packages appear to be reasonably priced. One of the packages they offer is a monthly membership for $266 USD, which includes personal training sessions, unrestricted gym use, and access to courses, among other things.
How are people around the city? Would I feel welcome?
-Absolutely. Istanbul is a very cosmopolitan city due to its location as the gateway between East and West. Istanbul is home to a diverse range of cultures and religions, resulting in a blend unlike any other, and I believe it is the people who make this city really special. Istanbul has become a hospitable location for immigrants as a result of the interweaving of civilizations, and there are significant influences from both European and Asian cultures.
How is the insurance and medical care in Istanbul?
-Although Istanbul is a pretty secure city, it is best to go out late at night with a buddy or group and stick to the main neighborhoods with clubs and restaurants. At night, it's best to stay away from some of the residential neighborhoods. Istanbul's medical and healthcare facilities are among the best in the country, and many medical centers speak a range of languages; however, some of the smaller clinics may not, so bring a translator with you. Most medical insurance providers will cover you in Istanbul. The private healthcare system in Istanbul is quite modern, and for foreigners with insurance, this is the greatest option since you will obtain high-quality care. In Istanbul, there are even more private healthcare facilities than public, so there's even more motive to use them. Private clinics are more expensive, but if you have insurance, this shouldn't be an issue.