Prince Islands

This cluster of nine islands, also known as Prince's Island, is located off the Asian shore of Istanbul and may be reached by boat from Istanbul. These islands are well-known for the fact that no motorized vehicles are permitted, thus only horse-drawn carriages are available. Another feature of these islands is the architecture and unspoiled woods, which will transport you back in time. One of the most tranquil spots to visit near Istanbul is this.

  • Edirne

This city, which is located in the region of East Thrace and served as the Ottoman Empire's capital before Istanbul was captured, is one of Istanbul's neighboring cities and is rich in culture and history, with travelers able to see the amazing architecture, many iconic mosques, cathedrals, palaces, and more. It is one of the most beautiful cities near Istanbul, and visiting it is a fantastic experience and an opportunity to learn about its history and culture.

  • Bursa

This is one of the tourist destinations near Istanbul, with a variety of sights and activities, as well as a reputation for Turkish food. This modern metropolis boasts stunning architecture, multiple mosques and historical landmarks, countless parks and botanical gardens, and a breathtaking mountain background. This city, along with Edirne, is located in northwest Anatolia, inside the Marmara Region, and is a must-see city near Istanbul.

  • Kilyos

This is a resort town or village in the Sariyer district that is a well-known seaside destination because it is located on the Black Sea coasts. Tourists come here to visit and enjoy some of the beaches, and visitors can also enjoy the large parties held on weekends or visit the 14th-century Genoese castle that is located in the village.

  • Belgrad Forest

This is a mixed deciduous forest next to Istanbul that is a popular tourist attraction for those looking to get away from the city and appreciate the natural beauty maintained in this forest. Tourists may drive to the forest from Enterprise offices and enjoy activities like as trekking and hiking through the forest's various paths, taking nature walks, or even having a picnic or BBQ at one of the approved locations, which is popular weekend leisure for even locals.

  • Sile

Sile is one of Istanbul's most picturesque towns, with miles of sandy beaches on its coastlines. With regular undercurrents, the sea conditions are comparable to those of the Black Sea. Sile, with its ever-gusting winds, temperature, and ideal resort town, should be at the top of your list if you wish to spend your summer in Turkey. Another famous location in Sile is the fishermen's wharf, where you may sample fresh seafood from local eateries. Sile Aqua Beach, Sile Lighthouse, Aglayan Kayalar, and others are among the prominent attractions.


Frequently Asked Question

Which is the closest city to Istanbul?
Where is very close to Turkey?
-Georgia, Armenia, Greece, Syria, Iraq…
How far is Ankara to Istanbul by train?
-It’s 533 kilometers away.
Is Turkey close to Greece?
-Yes, two countries share a border.
Can you do a day trip from Istanbul to Cappadocia?
-Of course! There are many day trips available from Istanbul to Cappadocia.