There plenty of things to do alone in this magical city. From dining at the finest restaurants to shopping in the best malls.

Walk In Beyoglu District:

The Beyoglu district offers many opportunities, first you have the Taksim square and Istiklal Street which offers you an amazing experience. The Istiklal Street is crawling with shops on both sides. You have the clothes brands from local to international brands. And many Turkish restaurants and Turkish Delights shops are everywhere in this avenue. And also, in the Taksim square you may notice a bazaar there which have amazing handmade antiques made by local merchants coming from all parts of Turkey. If you are not in the mood for shopping or buying antiques. Walk from the Taksim square through the Istiklal Street until you reach the Galata Tower. This walk will refresh your memory since while you are walking you will see street artists providing a wonderful atmosphere to the street of Istiklal.

Walk In Beyoglu District:

Istanbul’s ocean scene with cruise ship

Taking a cruise on the Bosphorus and sightseeing is absolutely a must try experience. The boat will take to see the wonderful Istanbul by passing through Beyoglu districtThe Blue Mosque, and the coasts of Kadikoy and Uskudar. In addition to offering you dinner and sometimes they have dance shows for entertainment. Many cruise boats offer you an experience you won’t forget, and a delightful service, and a perfect Turkish cuisine. Try the cruse and have a wonderful time you will enjoy.

Scout the old city of istanbul:

The history of Istanbul is a whole universe. Istanbul has been the home for many powerful empires, from the ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, and lastly the Ottoman Empire. Those empires shaped the history and monuments Istanbul has in our modern day.  And every monument has its own story, and everyone contains an amazing relics that will make you fall in love in the city of Istanbul. You should visit first the Sultanahmet and Hagiasophia district, the district is pretty famous for its architecture and historical design, in addition the avenue is wonderful to just sit and relax, hangout and have a relaxing walk. And also, in the district you will notice on the other side of the street that there are plenty of local cuisines and stores if you ever feel hungry.

The castles also in Istanbul is a different story, many castles have a wonderful story, the city has many castles scattered around the city, many of them positioned around the shore of the Bosphorus, the castles are left by the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires, and later the castles were switched to be an open museum for tourists and visitors, the famous castles are Yedikule, Anadolu Hisari, and Rumeli Hisari.

Grab A Bite From The Famous Turkish Cuisines:

Turkey is really famous for its collection of food choices, the country made its mark in the world’s food universe, from meat, chicken, and even for vegetarians there are many choices to choose from. One of the famous dishes in Istanbul is the Kebab, which has many kinds like Adana KebabUrfa Kebab, and the list continues. In addition, many restaurants in Istanbul offer you the best views over the city and nice chilled environment along with your food served with a wonderful joy.

You can make the most out of the experience even when you travel alone in Istanbul. Many places offer you the environment you need to relax and chill. Istanbul is a city of magic and where the east meets the west, so don’t panic when you travel alone to Istanbul because you will have the best time.