Buyukada, Heybeliada, Kinaliada, Burgazada, Kasikadasi, and Sedefadasi are the main Princes’ Islands. The bulk of the island’s population is made up of Greeks, Armenians, Jews, and a few Syrian Christians. Buyukada and Heybeliada are two of the most popular, with a range of activities and vistas to offer visitors. 



The Princes’ Islands are a popular weekend getaway for Istanbul residents, especially during the summer, when they may enjoy the beaches and other activities. Tourists visit the islands to view and enjoy the natural beauty, electric vehicle trips, seafood restaurants, hiking trails, and swimming opportunities. The islands resemble a carnival on weekends, with huge crowds of cheerful people. Keep in mind that if you want to visit the islands during the week or during the spring or autumn seasons, you should schedule your day trip to the Princes’ Islands during those times. 

Because motor vehicles are not allowed on the island, it is perfect for anybody looking for a peaceful day or night out. On the island, electric vehicles are available for rent, or you may rent a bike and explore the Princes island on your own. 

When Should You Go To The Princes Islands?

There are also a variety of day trips accessible via authorized travel companies. It may include guided tours, overnight stays, or boat tickets to the Princes Islands. This is an excellent option, especially if you are a first-time visitor. You’ll save time and effort by not having to purchase tickets, locate a parking space amid the crowds, or arrange accommodation. As a consequence, we recommend keeping an eye out for Princes Islands vacation discounts and promotions. You will save money this way. In our view, the best time to visit Istanbul’s Islands is in the spring, when nature is at its most beautiful and lush. However, you should visit the islands during the summer to truly appreciate their potential, which includes grilled fish restaurants, delectable homemade ice cream, and other amenities. The Princes’ Islands provide something for everyone at any time of year. Check out Iamistanbul for additional natural locations in Istanbul, and be sure to immerse yourself in nature in Istanbul! Aside from historical sites like the Galata Tower and the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul has magnificent forrests, lakes, and beaches. 

Bonus: Aya Yorgi Church

The most popular attraction in the Princes’ Islands is the Aya Yorgi Church (St. George’s Church). This Orthodox church, situated atop Buyukada’s highest hill, is a really unique and peaceful setting. The church was built in 1905. People write their wishes on paper and place them in a box at the Aya Yorgi Church, or they burn candles for their wishes. Of course, they may be seen in every church throughout the world. Meanwhile, the Aya Yorgi Church has special days where it is said that if you visit the church on April 23rd or September 24th, your wishes would be fulfilled and you will be healed. Guests will return to the church with sugar and olive oil if their desires are fulfilled. Aya Yorgi Church, together with Hagia Sophia Mosque and Topkapi Palace, is one of Istanbul’s most significant historical sites.