If you have ever desired to visit Istanbul during these times, we can assure you that the borders are open and that you are welcome to travel to Istanbul as well as all other places in Turkey. You should just ensure that you are safe, responsible, and that you adhere to the most recent limitations and COVID-secure standards. However, many nations have their own travel restrictions, so you should check your own government’s rules and travel advice before planning your trip to Istanbul and Turkey. People coming in Turkey from other countries are no longer required to separate themselves. 

Learn more about the present covid situation in Istanbul, as well as if it is safe to visit the city during covid. Keep in mind that these conditions are subject to change, so check government websites before arranging your Istanbul trip

Measures At The Istanbul Airports

When you arrive at Istanbul airports or any other airport in Turkey, you will be subjected to thermal screening for temperature checks prior to passing through passport control. You will also be required to fill out a passenger locating form provided by the airline. If there is a suspect with COVID 19, you will be transported to a quarantined location for additional PCR testing. If you have severe symptoms, you will be transferred to an isolation room and kept there for two hours until the PCR test results are obtained. If you do not want to remain in Istanbul during the isolation time and wish to return to your home country, you will be permitted on board at the airline’s or captain’s discretion. It is recommended that you get health insurance packages before coming in Istanbul, Turkey. If you develop symptoms after arriving at your hotel, you will be transported to a contracted health care facility for a PCR test in Istanbul.

Covid Treatment In Istanbul

If you are already in Istanbul or another city in Turkey and need emergency medical help, dial 112 for further information and to request an ambulance. It is important to understand that the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is not valid in Istanbul or Turkey. As a result, whether or not you are sent to a medical institution for treatment, you should contact your travel health insurance provider. You should also check to see whether your travel health insurance covers COVID-19 treatment in Istanbul

How To Use Public Transportation

Because to the new Covid-19 protections, you must unlock the HES code while using public transit. You must match your HES code with your Istanbulkart in order to access the HES code. You won’t be allowed to utilize public transit until you do so. Check out the public transportation guide for more information! With Istanbul.com, you can visit Istanbul without ever leaving your house! Visit Istanbul’s greatest historical attractions and the city’s most luxurious restaurants and cafés, as well as museums like as the Pera Museum, which has some of the best artworks in the nation!