What to Do in Balat?

Let's start looking for activities in Balat. It would be a shame to leave Balat without visiting one or two religious buildings because, as we already stated, this is a place where religions converge. Fener Rum Orthodox Patriarchate is the first of these structures. The orthodoxy was tolerated, and as a result, the patriarchate has maintained its structure and continues to receive thousands of visitors each year.

Of course, the Ferruh Kethuda Mosque, the other of these structures, is a mosque. Due to the fact that trials have taken place in its yard, it is also known as Mahkemealti. Churches make up the final of the three types, and Sveti Stefan Church and Maria of the Mongolians Church are the two we have on our list. Informally, Sveti Stefan is known as the "iron church." The church's construction required the usage of 500 tons of iron! In addition, it is the only church to bear the moniker "Iron Church." The history of Maria of the Mongolians, often known as "the Bloody Church," is a little bit more intriguing. You should unquestionably go and learn.

The "Red School," the Fener Rum Erkek Lisesi, a Fener Rum school for boys, is the next stop. On our list, it is one of the most beautiful architectural designs. Following our exploration of Balat's history through its architectural wonders, we should move on to the specifics of our Balat bucket list. The streets of Balat are particularly attractive on their own. Even if you are not really seeking something, the street's ambiance will enchant you. When we think of Balat, one of the first things that should come to mind is Merdivenli Yokus (the incline with steps). It serves as the neighborhood's emblem and is the location of the most well-known Balat photographs. The homes on the Merdivenli Yokus have been reconstructed in accordance with the originals and are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Climbing Merdivenli Yokus will make you nostalgic and happy as you uncover Istanbul's hidden corners. You should visit the Balat antique stores if you want to shop for presents or want to save something to remember your day in Balat. Sentimental items, beautiful antiques that ostensibly no longer work, such as watches, radios, and gramophones. Even if they are not buying anything, dozens of people come here to see the bidding for these products. Of all the places to see in Balat, this is arguably the most exciting location.

Eating At Balatbalat

It's time to recharge your batteries after a tiring day of seeing the area and snapping wonderments photos. Perhaps you wish to start your day with a satisfying breakfast in Balat before continuing your travel. The first step, in any case, is to choose a restaurant in Balat.

When it's time for a weekend breakfast in Istanbul, we initially consider popular options like locations with views of the Bosporus. One of Balat's upscale breakfast establishments is a wonderful way to start the day. You may get excellent fruit pancakes from Cook Life Balat, a pleasant ambiance from Perisperi's combination of an antique shop and a café, and an open breakfast buffet from Forno.

Great dough dishes from Forno Balat include pizza, classic lahmacun, and pide. You can go there for both lunch and dinner. On the other hand, the nostalgic-smelling Naftalin Café is waiting to offer you your afternoon brew. Agora Meyhanesi has been serving delectable meals and authentic Turkish raki since 1890 if you're looking for a superb dinner and want to enjoy a drink or two. Meyhane would be the ideal choice for experiencing a classic Turkish night.

From Balat to Istanbul

If you wish to stay at Balat during your Istanbul visit or just want to spend a couple of days there, you can stay at a hotel close by, like Troya Hotel Balat which is a 115-year-old Greek-Ottoman house transformed into a boutique hotel. If you chose to stay at Balat and worry about how you will reach other parts of Istanbul, you don’t need to worry. You have the opportunity to easily access other parts of Istanbul from Balat. It is easy to go from Balat to Taksim and you can continue your tour to wherever you like from there, since it is very central. There are ferries to Balat if you want to reach there by sea, like the ones from Karakoy to Balat or from Uskudar to Balat. Of course, nothing is compared to sea travel so if you want a full experience on the sea of Golden Horn region after your trip to Balat, you should definitely try a cruise tour of Golden Horn.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I get to Balat?
To get to Balat, which is in a relatively central area of Istanbul, there are numerous possibilities. Take the buses from Eminönü Square in the direction of Balat Beach if you want to travel to Balat by bus. To find out the schedule for the buses traveling from Eminönü to Balat, check the IETT website.
Balat Tourist Attractions
Every street in Balat, which has long been regarded as Istanbul's crown jewel, is a different work of art. It is worthwhile to explore the neighborhood's historical and cultural legacy, its streets lined with vibrant residences, and its original cafes and restaurants.
Where is Balat?
When someone travels to Balat from outside the city, their first thought is typical, "Where is the Balat district?" This unique neighborhood in Istanbul, where historical remnants of numerous settlements have been discovered, is connected to the Fatih neighborhood. On the banks of the Golden Horn, in the area between the Ayvansaray and Fener districts, is the town of Balat.