Thus, many people visit istanbul from all over the world to do shopping.

So what is it that makes shopping in Istanbul different? Are there any famous Products to buy?

There are some products that reflects Turkish Culture and other products that are related to Turkey but the city has everything you would desire and in different quality and prices. This is why it is different to do shopping in Istanbul. Here are some of the things you might be interested in buying it from istanbul:

1- Halkum:

Lokum is a very famous Turkish dessert and it has been produced since the early 1700s and got well known over the world through trades. Lokum desserts are small pieces made of gel starch and has different shapes and flavors such limon, Vanilia, Coffee, fruits and many flavors, lokum pieces are covered with grated pistachios or grated coconut and people in Turkey eat this dessert on a daily basis because it is very delicious, so you can buy two or three packets for you and your friends.

2- Turkis Coffee:

for sure you have heard a lot about the Turkish coffee, it is not very different from other coffees as a raw material, but the way it is made gives you a different coffee, it is poured in small cups with small piece of chocolate or biscuit and it is heavy compared to other types of coffees. The most delicious is at Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi shop in Fatih District you can buy some of it with two coffee cups for you and your partner to drink it in a sunny morning.

3- Jewelry:

Turkey is the second country in the world in terms of jewelry trade business, you can find literally thousands of designs of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings ,and different carats from 14 to 24 raw gold, silver, or other jewelry in addition to original diamonds. The best place to buy jewelry and the most famous one is the Grand Bazaar, you can find more than 1000 Kilograms of gold and jewelry and varied traditional, and modern collections but the most famous collection is Ottoman rings for men, a beautiful silver ring with a big colored stone on top of it.

4- Hamam Accessuaries:

As the traditional Turkish bath became very famous around the world some people started to produce its accessuaries such the thin towels, loofah, and natural soaps like olive oil soap or milk soap in addition to natural lotions, but such products or only found in the Grand Bazaar or near Galata Tower. And they are not expensive, you can buy a lot of accessuaries with a 100 Dollars.

5- Handmade Ceramics:

Handmade ceramics are spread in every district in Istanbul because it is a part of the Turkish tradition, you can find some of the 8th and 9th century style or Ottoman style ceramic bowls, dishes, and other items. You can find such items in kiosks and shops in the Grand Bazaar, SultanAhmet Square, and Ortakoy Square. Of course other shops are available in other districts and streets but these are the most famous places for ceramics.

6- Spices:

Being located directly on the old international silk trade road, istanbul city gathered spices from many countries around the world like China and India and even its own spices. You can find all kinds of spices you want or need, some are expensive and some are not, it depends on the spice itself. You can buy spices from the famous Spice Bazaar that is located in Eminonu Square, it has the best spices in city and also fun to have a walk in it.

7- Carpets:

Turkey is one of the countries that are famous for producing carpets, especially traditional handmade carpets that costs thousands of dollars and tens of days to make. Modern designs are also available with different qualities low, or high, cheap, or expensive.

Carpets and handmade carpets are available in the Grand Bazaar. You can buy one to decorate your home with fancy Turkish style.

Istanbul city has a lot of things to see and buy, things that are rare to find and special, and things that are available anywhere but cheaper. It is really as some call “ a shopping heaven ”