In Istanbul, there are many places where you may have a delicious Mexican meal. There are both calm spots where you can take in the scenery and busy spots where you can feel the city’s pulse. Both kinds of establishments may be found among the restaurants listed in this page.


Los Altos

One of the best Mexican restaurants in Istanbul, Los Altos offers many various alternatives from the Mexican cuisine. You can have the best tacos with vegetarian options here, and more. Los Altos has been the favorite spot of Istanbul residents for Mexican food in the city, for years to come. We can gladly say that Los Altos has a great, cozy vibe with great decoration from Mexico. You will feel like you are eating in a restaurant in Mexico, rather than in Istanbul.

Lekker Teras Restaurant

Lekker is another great alternative for Mexican Food lovers in Istanbul. You will find great grilled chicken and meat here, with many side apperatives. One of the bonuses of this restaurant is that it is located on a Teras, so you have a great view of city. You can even see some of the attractions from up there, but we cannot say which ones! You have to look for yourself. However, you can be sure that you’ll be glad with the service there. Staff of Lekker Restaurant are lovely, and they help you however they can. There are also alcohol options with some great Mexican coctails! Make sure you pay a visit to Lekker if you want to taste best Mexican cuisine in Istanbul.

Sunset Grill

Ulus Park is where Sunset Grill & Bar serves its clients. The restaurant also has a fantastic view of the Bosphorus. Previously, the restaurant exclusively offered grilled steak and ‘’Californian Cuisine.” However, in response to the strong demand of its international clients, the restaurant expanded its menu to include a variety of different cuisines, including Mexican! Furthermore, ten years ago, the restaurant opened a Sushi Bar, which has been serving delicious Japanese dishes to its patrons ever since. 

Bonus: 360istanbul

This is not a Mexican restaurant, although it is very popular. 360 Istanbul, which is situated on the top level of the ancient Misir Apartment and has won many international accolades, is located on the top floor of the old Misir Apartment. For lunch and supper, the restaurant provides a renowned wine and bar menu. On weekends, the restaurant also transforms into a nightclub after 22:00. International and Anatolian cuisines are available in the restaurant. There are so many choices that you may find the duck with cherries and the kibbeh of Gaziantep on the same menu. 360 Istanbul has been in the top ten restaurant rankings in Istanbul for the last 15 years because to its unique and varied cuisine.

These were some of the best restaurants we know that serve Mexican Cuisine. Restaurants in Istanbul are endless, but we tried to gather some of the best for you!