Let me state unequivocally that she is a sight to see. Why don’t you take advantage of it if you’re accompanied by someone special? One of Istanbul’s most appreciated qualities is that she never sleeps, and she becomes much livelier at night. Isn’t it wonderful to see anything like that with your lover by your side? If you agree, keep reading to learn about the finest restaurants in Istanbul for an unforgettable date night. 

On a romantic dinner date, here’s our selection of must-visit eateries. Let’s just go right to our choices, shall we? 

Agora Meyhanesi

The tavern tradition is well-known in Greco-Turkish culture, and you should certainly participate in it. The south of Turkey, near the Mediterranean shore, is often the greatest location to have this experience. Fortunately for us all, Istanbul also offers extremely genuine choices. Without a doubt, Agora Meyhanesi 1890 is one of the most popular. 

This bar was founded in 1890 by a captain named Asteri Dulidis, who was of Greek descent. Agora, by the way, is Greek for square. This location is in Balat, a historically significant area along the Halic (Golden Horn) shoreline. What appeals to me the most about Agora Meyhanesi is its nostalgic design, which transports you to a century ago. The walls are bricks, the lighting is low due to the use of gas lamps, and the windows are baroque in design. And there are barrels aplenty! 

Mikla Restaurant

If you’re searching for an excellent fine-dining alternative, Mikla Restaurant is the place to go. The New York Times describes it as “forward thinking yet profoundly entrenched and above all tasty.” The restaurant is located on the top of the Marmara Pera Hotel in Taksim’s Asmalmescit neighborhood. It offers one of the Istanbul’s most spectacular views. Not only is the food delicious, but you also get a panoramic view of the city. 

Lokanta 1741

Lokanta 1741 is an old Turkish Bath that dates back 300 years. The juxtaposition of Ottoman heritage with Ottoman food is unquestionably unique. If you’re searching for a romantic environment where you may sample the city’s historicity, culture, and local cuisine, this is the spot for you. As it was converted from a historical entity, the whole area has a fascinating and compelling historical atmosphere. Both indoor and outdoor eating areas are available at the restaurant. The latter is particularly appealing since it offers a spectacular perspective of the ancient town. 

1924 Istanbul

1924 Istanbul, founded by Russians fleeing the Bolshevik revolution 80 years earlier, has housed notable figures like as Atatürk and Agatha Christie. In fact, since Atatürk was a regular, the restaurant has a table allocated for him in perpetuity. This is the spot for you if your idea of a romantic meal includes a sophisticated ambiance, some excellent classical music, Russian delicacies, lavishness found in simplicity, and a sense of nostalgia. Prepare to go across time! 

This restaurant is in Taksim, on a secluded nook away from the bustling Istiklal Street. The staff is very kind and accommodating.