What is Börek?

Börek, which originates from the Ottoman Empire, belongs to Turkish cuisine and is a type of food that has been loved and eaten in the country for centuries. A light meal that can be served even for breakfast, börek can also be served as an aperitif or starter at lunch and dinner. It is a type of dish that is very laborious and requires skill to make and is made using various ingredients according to certain regions of Turkey. Börek can be made with almost any ingredient you can think of. Although potatoes, different vegetables, and cheese are often included, the most preferred pastry types are spinach and meat puffs throughout the country. 

As a dish that tastes just as good as it is difficult to make, börek can be eaten in famous places in Istanbul and with the taste of various regions. A dish that mainly attracts the attention of pastry and snack lovers, it is served for breakfast and lunch at various venues. The main ingredient of the börek, a dish where you can decide the contents according to your taste, is yufka. Thinly rolled yufka dough is stacked on top of each other, flavored with special milk sauces, and cooked in ovens. Börek can be served either crispy or soft, and it is also a dish that can be eaten cold. For this reason, it is among the indispensable tastes of street food or picnics.

Popular Börek Types in Turkey

Being a very healthy dish in terms of calories, börek can be preferred even in diet meals when it is made without oil. This way guarantees you a satisfying and healthy meal. Börek’s varieties of which spinach is used are both nutritious and delicious. This way helps you protect your health while giving you a feast of taste. The most known börek fillings and types are:

  • Ground Beef

  • Cheese

  • Spinach

  • Potatoes

  • Gül Böreği 

  • Su Böreği

Make a Meat or Spinach Puffs in the Turkish Style

The average calorie value of 1 slice of börek is calculated as approximately 285 calories (kcal). Nutritional values ​​of a slice of börek include 18 g of fat, 10 g of protein, and 22 g of carbohydrates. The calorie of 1 portion of börek weighing 125 g is 400 calories (kcal). The cooking time is quite long, especially for dishes made using meat. On the other hand, spinach is the number one choice of those who want to eat healthily and are vegetarians. Börek is the crown of the delicious table. It is a dish in which the dough is layered, and spinach or meat puffs are optionally added between each layer. The number of layers will depend on the desired size of the börek, but 4 to 5 layers are generally enough. The börek varieties, which are baked, are ideal for those who want to be satisfied with a light meal. The börek, which has become the star of every menu, has found its place in all different regions of the country.

Where Can I Eat Börek?

Börek, which you can come across in various parts of Istanbul, is one of the most consumed foods in breakfast places on the side of the Bosphorus. Börek is also one of the favorite foods of Eminönü bazaar and is sold in districts where tourists are concentrated. In addition, all kinds of breakfast places that sell pastries also have a variety called “su böreği.” If you want to take a break from your cultural trip and fill your stomach with light food, you can go to the first bakery or patisserie you come across on your way.

What are the Börek Prices?

You can find börek at a very affordable price in every district of Istanbul. It can be served either as a whole tray or as a slice. You can add ingredients that suit your taste to the börek, and it is a food that you can have specially made. A whole tray can be a bit expensive, but you can buy a variety of börek in slices or pieces for just a few Turkish liras. This number-one street delicacy is also among the indispensable of breakfast tables. You can have it in various parts of Istanbul and experience its flavor. Having it with a cup of ayran or tea is preferable. At the same time, you can try the meat or spinach puffs recipe at home and catch the same taste. You can be a part of the culture and experience Istanbul cuisine with the börek shops you can come across in different parts of the city.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Turkish borek?
A Turkish borek is a form of pastry made from thin layers of dough and a filling of choice. Popular fillings are cheese, spinach, potato, and meat.
How much is Turkish borek?
In a bakery in Istanbul, one slice of borek would cost around 33 to 100 liras.
Is borek healthy?
Since it is made of dough 90%, borek is not very diet friendly, yet one slice of borek is not unhealthy.
Where can I find borek in Istanbul?
You can find borek in bakery shops of Istanbul. They usually sell cheese and potato boreks.
What does Turkish borek contain?
Turkish borek can contain cheese, meat, spinach, potato and anything you can imagine.