Turkish cuisine is probably one of the most famous in the world because of its rich components. In fact, nearly all kinds of vegetables, fruits, meats, and spices are used in Turkish cuisine this is what makes it a good choice for everyone. For the past ten years, Turkey is the number one destination for food tourists, people from all over the world visit Istanbul and other cities in Turkey to try both traditional and international food, and of course, dine at the city’s most fashionable restaurants is a gift for your mouth and wife but can leave a hole in your wallet. Well, in Istanbul there is always another way in which you keep three of them happy, your mouth, your spouse, and your wallet. 


Simply, simit is a circular sesame-crusted bread and is considered one of Istanbul's iconic food. It tastes something like an American bagel but richer, people of Istanbul cannot resist the delicious taste of freshly baked simit because a fresh simit has crispier sesame and fluffier inside so make sure to buy a fresh one for a better taste.

Simit is a daily food for professionals and drivers even fishes and birds eat old days simits During this time, simit vendors have developed it by filling it with white cheese, cream cheese, vegetables, or even Nutella chocolate, and costs between 30-40 US Cents. Live this experience at one of the best Simit Sarayi restaurants.

Fish Sandvich

The number two most popular food in Istanbul some consider it Istanbul’s classic food. If you are a fan of fish food, it is impossible to ignore this sandwich. Grilled fresh fish with onions and lettuce in freshly baked bread. Eminönü Square is the best place to eat a fish sandwich such as Yaka Balik Fish house, and it costs 3 to 4 USD

Roasted Chestnuts

Roasted chestnuts are more famous in winter months than in summer because people usually eat them to warm themselves with tasty food. Turkey is considered the third country in the world to produce chestnuts, and this fact explains how much love people have for this food. A simple hot and delicious snack that you can find almost everywhere but is famous in Sultanahmet and Taksim and costs only a few Turkish liras for a bag.


Simple but rich with flavors, it is a normal mussel on the half shell filled with spiced rice inside and cooked slowly for hours, served immediately out of the tray with a squeeze of lemon juice. Midye is more a snack than a meal but a lot of people eat dozens of it right on the street. It’s tricky thou, the idea of Midye is to keep eating as many as the seller gives you and by the time you feel full, it's already 5 dollars to pay. So try to control your stomach. Try that out at Kaydonia Restaurant.


The magnificent kumpir as Turkish sellers call it. It is a baked big potato with cheese and other components that you get to choose to put on it. Ortakoy on the Bosphorus side is the most famous place to make it; once you put your foot in Ortakoy, kumpir street sellers will come out from everywhere just to buy. Do not feel afraid; walk confidently and choose the cart you like but do not miss the chance to eat a kumpir at Bosphorus company restaurant for example.

Chicken over Rice

Much simpler than it sounds, with nothing more than rice and chicken on top of it. You would imagine that such a kind of food is only served at restaurants, well think again because you are in Istanbul. In fact, Tavuk Pilav is a fast lunch for a lot of people in Istanbul because it is tasty, fast, and filling. Usually, it is served with a buttermilk drink and costs you nothing more than 3 to 4 dollars at maximum. You can find it almost everywhere but the people of Istanbul swear that there is something magical and special about the cart in front of Unkapani Market.

There is more street food that you can find while walking down the streets of beautiful Istanbul city, Börek, Lokma, Köfte Ekmek, and other street food that you, your wife, and your wallet will definitely love.