With over 20 million people living in, and with being one of the richest cities in terms of history and beautiful nature. Istanbul city has always been one of the greatest cities in the world and people from all over the world visit this city every year to have an enjoyable time. There are plenty of reasons why people visit istanbul over and over again and everyone has different answers but everyone agrees that istanbul streets are so attractive, relieving, and enjoyable to walk at.

Here are some of the most famous streets of istanbul that you would really enjoy your time at:

Istiklal Street:

At the heart of istanbul, with its warm atmosphere and beautiful old french designed buildings, Istiklal street is considered one of the most important streets in Istanbul.

It was built during the last years of Ottoman Empire and was called Grande Rue de Pera until the establishment of Turkish Republic when its name changed to istiklal street.

This street is literally a long open market, full of cafes, restaurants and bars in addition to clothing stores, cultural centers, and art museums, and if you are aiming to taste the traditional Turkish desserts istiklal street is the best place for you, while if your not planning to spend time at the restaurants you can have a snack from one of the vendors there, they are all over the place.

One of the most attractive things about this street is the old red train line in the middle of it, it takes people from the beginning of the street to the end of it where music shops and famous Galata Tower exist.

At night Istiklal street has a different atmosphere, all the nightclubs and bars open and play music loudly for people want to have wied time.

Perihan Abla Street, Kuzguncuk:

At the Asian side of Istanbul. Perihan Abla Street is a peaceful, warm street that will absolutely calm you down. It is also known to be a historical place with colorful houses on both sides.

One of the best things about this street is that it holds Jews, Christans, and Muslims all together living in peacefully for many long years.

This lovely atmosphere with the beautiful nature have attracted both locals and foreigners to visit the street and have a walk in it. Of course you will find some cafes, bars and restaurants but you also find some galleries and antique shops.

It is really a good advice to go there, you will never regret it.

Galip Dede Street:

Established during the time of Genoese Colony, Galip Dede Street is probably one of the oldest streets in Istanbul. Its importance comes from its locations because it connects Istiklal street with Karakoy. When you walk through this street’s narrow slops  you will see old historical colorful buildings and many music shops underneath it, you can find some antique shops, and homemade soaps shops.

This street has become the number one street for music lovers whether to buy instruments or just to hear some.

Cukurcuma Caddesi:

Known as one of the richest streets of antiques and the beautiful classic houses on both sides make it really a lovely street.in facet, it is considered as Istanbul’s main antique shops street. Even if you are not planning to buy anything – although i am pretty sure you are going to buy-, just walking up and down through this street will take to another time that you wish you neve leave . when you are done walking, go to have a delicious snack at cafe Cuma, pancakes is highly recommended.

Abdi Ipekci Caddesi:

If you are looking for luxurious streets, this street is one of them. Located in Nisantasi neighborhood, Abdi Ipekci Caddesi has all of luxury products whether high class showrooms and antique shops, or luxury clothing brands like Louis vuitton, Prada,Beyman and many other brands, or restaurants and cafes but make sure to bring a really fat wallet with you because you are definitely going to spend money like a trader..

If you are looking for more reasonable prices you can go to tesvikiye caddesi where you can find less luxury brands such as Zara or Massimo Dutti.

Bagdat Caddesi:

Located in the Asian side of Istanbul. Although this side if known to be more quiet and residential, but this street is the main shopping center of it. On the weekends, you will find locals walking all the way up and down in this full of both luxury and reasonable price cafes street. Few blocks down, you will find the seaside walk lane where you can ride a bicycle next to the green park.

So yes, istanbul city has more than cafes and historical sites. It has a lot of streets where you can walk at and spend enjoyable time.