Dürüm, prepared with spices, meat, and vegetables, is one of the best foods in Turkish cuisine and Turkish street food. It is a food made with kebab, döner, or liver. Meat is put in lavash or phyllo. Also, lettuce, tomato, onion, and parsley can be added. Some spices such as red pimento and pepper can be included. After the food ingredients are put in, you wrap the lavash, and it’s ready.

It is always eaten everywhere. Dürüm is a satisfying and delicious food. It is a food which can be eaten for every meal. Also, non-veg wraps have many varieties. It can be made with chicken, beef, or lamb. It can be done using just vegetables for vegetarians. If you want to eat dürüm, you can find it easily in Istanbul. You can eat it in a kebab restaurant or at street vendors.

Adana Dürüm

Adana dürüm is made with Adana kebab. Beef mince and ground lamb are mixed with onion and garlic, and they start to be kneaded. Chilli pepper, black pepper, and parsley are hashed are added. This ingredient is skewered and grilled. Kebab, tomato, and onion are put in a lavash. If you like vegetables, you can add parsley and lettuce. Then, the lavash is wrapped, and you can eat your non-veg wrap! You can eat pickled hot peppers and drink ayran, and it will enhance your overall experience. It first originated in Adana. It is just 282 calories per serving. 

Urfa Dürüm

Again, Urfa dürüm is made with ground lamb. Black pepper, onion, garlic, and red pepper paste are added to the ground lamb. After kneading, it is skewered and grilled. And Urfa kebab is ready, and it is placed on lavash. Adding tomato and onion will make it taste better. Non-veg wrap will be prepared after wrapping. The difference, though, between Adana and Urfa dürüm is that the first one is much spicier than the other. Drinking ayran or şıra will be better for your dining experience. It is 192 calories. 

Chicken Shish Dürüm 

A non-veg wrap can be made with chicken, and it is a chance for people who don’t like red meat. Chicken shish dürüm is made with chicken breast. Chicken breast is chopped into cubes and covered with a sauce. The sauce is made with thyme, black pepper, cumin, and oil. Then the chicken breasts are skewered and grilled. They are placed in a lavash dipped with herby oil sauce. It’s ready after wrapping! It is 395 calories. 

Antep Dürüm

Antep Dürüm is made with chickpeas. Chickpeas are boiled and mashed. Ingredients are mixed with tomato paste, adding spices. You can put it in a lavash with a spoon and place veggies such as lettuce, parsley. If you want to go extra traditional, you can squeeze lemon inside your wrap before wrapping it. It is also suitable for vegan and vegetarian people as it has no meat. It got famous in Gaziantep. Also, it is 350 calories.

Döner Dürüm

Döner kebab is the most popular food in Turkish cuisine. If you want potato, onion, tomato, these ingredients can be added to the lavash too. You can add spices such as red pepper and sauces like ketchup and mayonnaise. Ayran is excellent with this food. This non-veg wrap is 320 calories. 

Ciğer Dürüm

The liver can be used in some non-veg wraps. Liver pieces are covered with spices such as salt, chili pepper, and black pepper. They are aligned with a skewer, and they are baked and grilled. Ingredients are placed on lavash. Salad with onion, tomato, parsley, and sumac, is then put on lavash. You can drink şalgam or ayran with it. It became famous in Diyarbakir. It is 346 calories.    

Mushroom Dürüm

It is for vegetarians and vegan people. This non-veg wrap has just vegetables and mushrooms. Onion, potato, pepper, tomato, and mushrooms are fried with oil. Add the spices you want, and these ingredients are placed on the lavash. You can drink şıra. Şıra is grape juice. Therefore it is suitable for vegan and vegetarian people. It is 130 calories. 

Places You Can Have Dürüm in Istanbul

When you come to Istanbul, you find restaurants that cook kebab, lahmacun, and dürüm. That will indeed serve you the best dining experience possible. Here are some of them

Dürümcü Emmi

Here you can find kebabs, döner, non-veg wraps, and other foods in Turkish cuisine. This restaurant is in Kadıkoy. Dürümcü Emmi remains open at 7/24.

Dürümcü Baba

Dürümcü Baba can be your choice for your non-veg wrap! Also, the restaurant’s concept is impressive. This restaurant is in Bakirkoy. 

Asmalimecit Dürümcüsu

Asmalimecit Dürümcüsu has provided service for years. Asmalimecit Dürümcüsu is in Beyoglu. 

Dürümcü Raif Usta

Dürümcü Raif Usta is a beautiful and boutique restaurant. It is always filled till closing time. You can eat street foods, and taste traditional Turkish foods in this restaurant. It is in Mahmutpasa. 


Dürümzade is in Beyoglu. Their special lavash is covered with a special sauce.

Frequently Asked Question

What kinds of meat dishes are available in the Turkish Cuisine?
-Kebabs, lahmacun, chicken shish, ciger durum etc.
Are there vegetarian alternatives to Turkish wraps?
-Yes, there are many vegetarian alternatives to Turkish wraps, such as Mushroom wrap.
What pairs well with kebab or doner durum?
-Ayran and salgam.
Where is the hometown of Turkish Kebab?
-Adana, a city in the Mediterranean region of Turkey
What can be eaten as a dessert after a kebab or a durum doner?
-Baklava, sutlac, sherbet etc.