Istanbul Kebab Café & Restaurant:


One of the best Kebab restaurants in Istanbul and Turkey so far! It is located in the old city between the narrow streets close to Sultan Ahmet Square. It is highly recommended if you are walking around visiting The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia Mosque to consider visiting the place. They promise a high-quality food and it had been reviewed as one of the top ten’s seafood restaurants in Istanbul. Their menu includes Barbeque, Seafood, Turkish Middle eastern food. They also have a very tasty amazing hummus, great shish, fabulous and friendly service. They have a colorful menu which include small breakfast plates, Cold appetizers like “Sarma and çiğköfte”, Pasta kinds, vegetarian section, Turkish specialties Kebab, Seafood and Salads. I would say it is really too bad to leave Turkey without tasting Iskender Kebab because of its amazing combination between hot tomatoes and cold yogurt with hot boiling ghee.

Byzantion Bristo & Restaurant:

Not so far away from the first restaurant actually but it is worth to mention. It is located near to Sultan Ahmet Square area too! This restaurant is expert with Kebab, seafood and ottoman cuisine, beside that they serve also this amazing tender and crisp lamb cutlets and lamb in salt. The menu is colorful and has salads for starters, main course which includes Lamb ribs and Iskernder Kebab as the stars of the restaurants, ottoman cuisine dishes and some special dishes like the Jug Kebab. Jug Kebab is an Anatolian specialty prepared in a clay pot or jug. It is filled with lamb, chicken with vegetable like carrots, celery, onion, garlic and potatoes. Traditionally cooked in a tandoor or clay oven, the pot is sealed with bread dough and left to simmer in its own juices for hours. When ready, the blazing hot jug is brought out and cracked in front of you, releasing the aroma of its still gurgling contents whilst treating the diners to a little tableside theater.

Reso Restaurant:

They create universal food artworks; natural and fresh culinary masterpiece dishes every day. Their menu is quite nice as well, as many restaurants they have starters as salads, main courses as Lamp rips and Iskender Kebab, and some Ottoman Cuisine dishes too! But let’s dig into the business!
Their first special and very recommended dish is Jug Kebab, an amazing masterpiece looking dish with its shiny combination between savory spices and sweetness of the colorful vegetables. The second star dish if you are into seafood is Royal fish dish, one of the most wonderful and tasteful Ottoman Empire Sultans favorite foods.

Roof Mezze 360:

The first impression that we get from the name only is the number, they have a great view to the best location in Istanbul. You can see the bridge so far because it is located on a rooftop! Hagia Sofia and the Galata Tower. It is a 360 degrees view! The restaurant got a certificate of excellence because of its view and delicious food. The menu is so big and wide. They have appetizers hot and cold! Also, a very delightful seafood section. Ottoman cuisine which has lambs, chicken in salt and Testi kebab. The kebabs itself has a separated section on the menu and it has around 11 kind of kebabs there!
Strongly recommended to go there at the early nights to enjoy the great amazing view of our beautiful city.