Millions of people get on the metro every day as it is faster than other local transportation services. People can reach their destination without being stuck in traffic. Metro stations are close to most of the popular areas, and in the instances that it is not, there are other vehicles you can transfer to that will get you where you want to go directly. You may need this transfer more than you anticipate for Istanbul. In cases where the metro is not enough, you can use other rail systems such as tram, Marmaray. These local transportation services provide conveniences for your travels in Istanbul.   

Metro Routes

Having an idea about the metro routes before starting your journey can stand you in good stead. Thus, you can arrive at the place in the intended timeframe. Here are all of the metro lines of Istanbul: 

M1a Yenikapı- Atatürk Airport

The route connected Atatürk Airport with Sultanahmet and Taksim in the past, so it is safe to say that you would have nearly definitely used this line at least a couple of times. But now, it is a shorter line that goes through the residential areas of the European side of Istanbul. M1a has access to hotels around the old airport among transportation in Istanbul. The M1a route starts at Yenikapi. 

M2 Yenikapi-Haciosman

Yenikapi- Haciosman metro begins in Yenikapi and stops at Taksim, Maslak, etc… Tourists prefer using this route like people live in Istanbul as it is close to many shopping centers and known areas in Istanbul. It also stops at every touristic district, such as Şişhane, a place that is between İstiklal Street and Galata. 

M3 Kirazli- Olimpiyat- Basaksehir

Generally, this metro is used by Istanbulites. But if you want to go to the Mall of Istanbul, you can get off Ikitelli.

M4 Kadikoy- Tavsantepe

This metro is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. And it goes around the Anatolian side end-to-end among the other local transportation services. Tavsantepe is the last stop, and it is close to Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Also, you can arrive at Kadikoy using Marmaray in Sirkeci, Sultanahmet or Beyazit. 

M5 Uskudar- Cekmekoy

Generally, tourists don’t use this metro. Some hotels are located on this route, besides that the oldest shopping mall is found in Altunizade. 

M6 Levent-Bogazici Hisarustu

M6 is another metro for transportation in Istanbul. People can go to Bogazici University, getting on at Levent. It hosts a rooted university in Istanbul and has a magnificent landscape. It is generally used by the students of Boğaziçi University and people who want to see the green side of that area.

M7 Mecidiyekoy- Mahmutbey

This route has no historical and tourist area. It starts at Mecidiyekoy and goes to Mahmutbey. 

Working Hours

Metros have working hours like all local transportation services. Transportations start at 06.15 a.m. in Istanbul, and the last metro takes off at 00.00 but the M2 line. It functions until 02.00.


You may prefer using the metro for transportation in Istanbul, so you need to know the metro fares for these transports. If you have İstanbulkart, your voyages will be more feasible. For the first ride, the fare is 4,03 TL. After that, it is possible to transfer. The first transfer is 2,88 TL, third, fourth, and fifth transfers are 1,38 TL. You will travel for a much lower price with an İstanbulkart.   

Rules About Transportation In Istanbul

● You have to have an İstanbulkart to get on the metro.

● You shouldn’t pass yellow lines on perron for your safety.

● Damages and the need for cleaning are informed by personnel.

● Entrance is made in the turnstile, and those who enter illegally are punished.

● You cannot bring explosive and inflammable matter.

● You can’t smoke. 

● Small animals can be carried with cages, and guide dogs can get on transports, apart from predatory, reptile, venomous animals.

● Loud music can’t be listened to and can’t speak loudly during transportation in Istanbul.

● The safety of property belongs to the individual.

● Areas, which are reserved for pregnant, disabled and elders, should be left empty or given a place when needed. 

● Leaning on doors is dangerous for your life throughout your transportation in Istanbul.

● No one can enter the driver’s cabin except the authorized person.

● Because of the pandemic, wearing masks has become compulsory in transport.

Transportation in Istanbul after Covid19 

Covid 19 has affected all our lives. And this situation has been reflected in our travels. New rules were started in Istanbul for local transportation services. Every day, metros are cleaned by Istanbul municipality teams. Also, nanotechnological tools often are used for cleaning. Human health can be protected for a month, thanks to these tools. 

People are expected to conform to the rules during transportation in Istanbul.  People have to wear masks in local transportation services because of the pandemic. Although not completely, protection is provided regarding health during the pandemic process.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Istanbul Metro useful?
Yes, thousands of people use it as the primary means of transportation every day.
How can I use the Istanbul Metro?
First, you must obtain an Istanbulkart and load cash to it from a mini bank.
Do I need an Istanbulkart to ride the metro in Istanbul?
Yes, you cannot use cash to ride the metro in Istanbul.
How many routes are there in the Istanbul metro?
The Istanbul metro currently has 11 lines that go all around the city.