How Does Public Transportation in Turkey Work?

To discover Istanbul, there are functioning public transportation areas where you can easily reach many points of the city. The cultural sites and tourist places spread all over the city lead hundreds of thousands of tourists to visit the city both on weekdays and on weekends. Although Istanbul is the most populated city in the country, it was built in a small area. For this reason, as the use of private vehicles increased, the traffic density increased in direct proportion. Urban transportation map has been designed to prevent traffic in the city, facilitate transportation and serve thousands of people simultaneously. In this way, transportation in Istanbul became much easier than it used to.

In Which Hours Does Public Transportation Work in Istanbul?

When you go to Istanbul, you do not need to be afraid of the chaos you will encounter due to the population and density of the city; various public transportation vehicles and a detailed transportation map will be waiting for you. You can create your own route with different transportation vehicles that go to almost every city street, and you can mingle with the people while making a tourist trip. Buses, one of the most common public transportation vehicles, are the types of buses that have access to all kinds of city districts and have more than one line. 

These transportation vehicles, which use Istanbul Card instead of money, are frequently preferred by both tourists and locals at their affordable prices at all hours of the day. The bus lines, which often serve between 6.15 and 00.00 in the morning, pass through their routes every hour at night, and you can benefit from the public transport service for twenty-four hours. You can find this information near the transportation map dispersed all over Istanbul.

The Most Preferred Method of Public Transportation in Istanbul

The unique public transportation system in Istanbul allows you to reach any point you want, even from the farthest end of the city. In addition to taxis and private vehicles, you can make your Istanbul trip authentic with these public transportation vehicles that you can use with the public and reach distant points by a shorter route. Thanks to the transportation maps located at different points of the city, you can examine the place you are going and the direction of the public transportation vehicle you are in and decide at which stop you should get off. 

The transportation map, which is widely used especially in the subway and tram, helps tourists and the local people in many ways. To discover Istanbul through and through, you will definitely need to take one of the public transports. The tram, which circles around the touristic places in the city and surpasses ordinary vehicles in terms of speed, is designed to give you a comfortable and exciting city tour. The point to be noted is that there is no transportation map inside the tram. 

For this reason, you should either ask the driver about the stop you will get off at, or you should look around carefully. The name of the stop is written everywhere and an announcement is given every stop about where the tram will stop. In addition, when you want to travel between continents, you can use the ferry and cross the Bosphorus with pleasure. Istanbul, which has the wealthiest transportation network in the country in terms of transportation map, allows you to easily keep up with the city's dynamism with its public transportation vehicles running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Where Can I Get the Transportation Map of Istanbul?

One of the features that make transportation in Istanbul always strong and vibrant is the presence of various transportation channels.

To benefit from public transport in Istanbul, you must have a valid passenger card. One boarding pass for each person is calculated as 3.5 Turkish liras. In addition, you can expand your boarding rights with the Istanbul Card. You can travel within the city at an economical price by using this card in the public transportation vehicles you prefer to visit.

A transportation map that you may want to own before discovering Istanbul. In this way, you can look at all public transport routes and transportation lines of the city. In addition, you can have a more efficient trip by marking the historical and touristic areas on your way. You can buy a special Istanbul transportation map from dealers around the corner or the travel sections of bookstores. Make a wiser and more economical choice by choosing public transportation for your inner-city journey. At the same time, enjoy the privileges of an Istanbul Card throughout your trip

Frequently Asked Question

How do you get around in Istanbul?
In Istanbul, there are many ways of transportation such as metro, ferry, metrobus, tram or taxis.
How is public transportation in Istanbul?
Istanbul’s public transportation is famous for its crowded vehicles, although during recent years this problem has been relatively fixed.
How many metro lines are there in Istanbul?
There are eight metro lines in Istanbul that go all around the city.
Is public transportation safe in Istanbul?
Yes, public transportation in Istanbul is safe, although crowded vehicles can have a risk of covid transmission.