Çiğ Köfte:

Çiğ means raw and köfte is meatballs kind of name, but it is actually a meat free vegan sandwiches that are made without meat, totally vegan. It is made with fine bulgur, pepper, tomato paste, onion, garlic, and a mix of Turkish spices. The main key is kneading because it must be needed to get the beautiful texture and then they put it to get rested. In the shops they prepare as a hell or mountain of that texture to get some attention and good looking eye pleasing dish, and they bring slices of fine bread and spread the çiğ köfte on, after that they slice put some slices of tomatoes, some parsley, chopped onion and lettuce, and some hot sauce with pomegranate sauce and lemon. They roll it and it is ready to be tasted. Really delicious tasty and you can have it almost anywhere. I recommend Oses çiğ köfte shops to get your sandwiches from.


Kavurma is a kind of cooking using a small amount of oil in a pan using a relatively high heat. In Turkey you can eat the best kavurma sandwiches, it is basically a mix of cube of potatoes, sliced onion and chicken liver. They put these ingredients in the pan and start tossing until they get perfectly cooked. After that they add some red pepper spices, sumac and salt. They serve it in some streets too! After that they put on the sandwich or you may say ekmek, and it is ready for you to enjoy.

Balik Dürüm (Fish Sandwiches):


You can’t help yourself but noticing three big semi-ships in front of Eminönü with a big pile of people who are waiting their order to get the fish sandwiches. Because of the high demand it is kind of impossible to get a not fresh fish. They put one grilled fish with slices of onions and lemons. Really tasty and fast to get and eat.

Kahramanmaraş Dondurmasi (Turkish Ice-Cream):


You feel like they are chasing you around the city because the city has a lot of those ice-cream sellers. They are very famous with their traditional fancy clothes, especially the red fez and the gold colored belt and if you are interested to buy them you can check the Grand bazaar. It is very fresh and good specifically in the summer when the weather is too hot. The ice-cream has a lot of flavors; cream, chocolate, lemon, and blueberry. They do a lot of moves with the ice-cream long-arm spoon and ring the bells up to impress the customer and get some pictures and add some pleasure to the customers.

Islak Burger (Wet-Burger):

A new name but hold on it is going to be really fancy. We all like burger, that amazing food stuck between two mushy puns and filled with beef meat mostly, onions, pickles and some sauces. In Turkey you will find a lot of burger restaurants but our concern is the streets, right? It is a beef slider doused in seasoned tomato sauce and steamed to get cooked inside a special glass chamber. Other variations include lamb-burgers too. It is offered by a lot of the local fast food restaurants and some global chains alike! So, as I always say? Why not trying!


A very wide spread Turkish dish, warm delicious and creamy. It is made with simple ingredients mixed together to make that cozy dish. First, they prepare small dough balls filled with chopped meat and onion, after that they dip it in warm yogurt and wait for it to get cooked. They serve it in beautiful bowls and they add some hot pepper sauce with boiled oil on it. It is very warm and delicious worth trying.