Italian food, which isn't only about pasta and pizza as general information, is also known for its delicious and unique sauce dishes. So, suppose you want to try something other than pasta and pizza for Italian cuisine. In that case, you will be glad to learn that Istanbul offers several superb Italian restaurants serving traditional and delectable Italian cuisine. So, you may want to visit the Italian restaurants listed below while discovering Istanbul. 

Simplicity combined with taste: Cecconi's

Cecconi is in the backyard of the Palazzo Corpi building. Born in Venice, Cecconi's brand has other London, Miami, Berlin, Barcelona, and West Hollywood branches. The Italian restaurant is genuinely Mediterranean, with olive trees in its garden, dim lighting, and vines wrapped around wooden columns. The head of the kitchen is Alessio Biagini, an Italian chef. The burrata of the Italian restaurant, which has an uncomplicated menu, is very delicious and famous.

Besides pizza, pasta, salad, and vegetable options in main courses, meat, fish, and chicken options are also cooked in a coal fire and wood ovens. Also, there is a vast array of wines to choose from. This is one Italian restaurant in Istanbul that you must visit while discovering Istanbul.

Inspired by Grand Bazaar: Eataly Restaurant

Set out with the motto "Good food unites people," the Italian restaurant has offered authentic Italian flavours to those who love Italian cuisine since 2013 at Zorlu Shopping Center. Eataly is not just an Italian restaurant; You can also buy actual Italian food products from Eataly's gourmet market section. The restaurant became a brand and spread to the world with the journey of Italian chef Farinetti, who started with the aim of promoting Italian culinary culture.

The Italian restaurant has a terrace with a Bosphorus view and four restaurants: Pasta and pizza, meat and fish. Also, Chef Farinetti was inspired by the Grand Bazaar when he founded the Italian restaurant. Just like the Grand Bazaar, it also has streets of flavour. The most important thing you need to know about this Italian restaurant is that 12 Italian restaurants serve different cuisines. In other words, if you are going to eat pizza, you have to sit at the pizza restaurant. The market section, full of meat, delicatessen, cheese, and wine varieties, is large and diverse to appeal to everyone who loves to eat and cook. Eataly is more than just an Italian restaurant; it's a whole Italian cuisine complex complete with an Italian market and culinary workshops!

A Classic: Da Mario

The general information is that Da Mario is one of the earliest Italian restaurants in Istanbul. It was opened in a two-story villa in a garden in Etiler in 1993. The foods offered are quite inventive, yet, the menu at Da Mario changes seasonally.

There is a wide range of dishes on the menu, from pizzas and bread cooked in a wood oven to homemade pasta, meat, and fish dishes to magnificent desserts. In addition, the Italian restaurant renews every season according to seasonal ingredients.

The menu is available in Italian, Turkish, and English. As a result, finding the alternatives you want is simple. This could be Istanbul's most excellent Italian restaurant, and it's well worth a visit while you discover Istanbul. Birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions are well-suited to this location.

New is Always Better: Trattoria La Scarpetta

Trattoria, located in Beşiktaş, delivers some of Istanbul's most delectable Italian cuisine. It is a new Italian restaurant that takes its name from La Scarpetta. It is derived from Scarpa, meaning shoes in Italian, and is used to indicate 'the bite used to scrape the juice of the food left at the bottom of the plate".

When you enter La Scarpetta, a map of Italy welcomes you. The Italian restaurant has tables wrapped in white cloths, expansive windows that let the sunlight in, and a bar accompanying the refreshing mirrors. There are so many different types of pizza to choose from that you may mistake this gorgeous setting for an Italian pizza restaurant. The Quatro Formaggio pizza, which uses white sauce instead of tomato, is a sophisticated meal not to be missed. Also, the truffles are very famous.

It is one of the first choices when you want to taste real Italian flavors; you can choose this Italian restaurant during your discovery of Istanbul.

Enjoy both the food and the sea: il Padrino Ristorante

Il Padrino received an authentic Italian Restaurant award from the Italian Chamber of Trade and Commerce in 2013, honoring their Italian cuisine. So, it is general information that you can feel guaranteed that this is one of Istanbul's greatest Italian restaurants.

Padrino's clients may order authentic Italian delights from the menu. There is a wide range of vegetarian alternatives, like the crespelle agli spinichi, a pancake with cream and spinach.

Also, il Padrino is within a short walk to the Caddebostan beaches if you wish to enjoy Italian food cuisine after a day of discovering Istanbul's beautiful beaches

Frequently Asked Question

Why should you try Italian food?
Fresh ingredients are the focus of Italian cuisine. The newest, frequently local ingredients are used in authentic Italian restaurants.
Are there also vegetarian alternatives to foods delivered in Italian restaurants?
Yes, there are both vegetarian and vegan choices in Italian restaurants.
Why are Italian restaurants so popular?
Authenticity, practicality, health advantages, affordability, diversity, and flavor, are the major elements that make Italian restaurants and food so popular.
What is the most popular dish in Italy?
In general information, pizza is the most famous Italian food ever.