Enjoy The Life In Kadıköy By;

1- Eating ice cream or drinking sahlep with ice cream at Ali Usta in Moda,

2- Having a delicious hamburger menu at Kırıntı in Moda,

3- Drinking tea in ajda glasses at Kemal’s Place with a sea view in Moda,

4- Buying old vinyl LP‘s or CD‘s from Zihni at Akmar Passage,

5- Eating Kup Griye at Baylan,

6- Touring Kadıköy-Moda by the nostalgic tram,

7- Tasting regional cuisine or kebabs at Çiya,

8- Watching new week’s movie at Rexx, Kadıköy’s symbolic movie theater,

9- Stopping by Karga and drinking a cold beer or wine with nice music in Bars’s Street,

10- Having a Turkish coffee, fortune telling and raising hopes at Tavan Arası in Kadıköy Market  Place

11- Searching affordable things at Antiques Stores in Tellalzâde street,

12- Having a good meal at İstasyon Restaurant in Haydarpaşa Train Station,

13- Watching sunset while drinking a glass of beer or a cup of coffee at Denizatı Restaurant located  above floor of Beşiktaş Boat Pier,

14- Eating fish and bread around the Pier,

15- Feeling the aliveness of Kadıköy while walking from Altıyol to Bahariye,

16- Discovering the small stores in Artists Street,

17- Getting rid of stress while playing okey and table tennis at Bomonti,

18- Eating Waffle in Moda,

19- Drinking wine in the beautiful garden of Victor Levi,

20- Watching Fenerbahçe football game with beer and French fries at Fasıl