Transportation in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city famous for its traffic and crowds to choose any means of transportation in the town. Public transport goes to the city's furthest reaches, so transportation is effortless. At the same time, you can choose special services such as taxis and uber, and you can reach the place you want to go by private vehicle. You don't need the Turkish language for this. People in public transport and private transport in Turkey are fluent in English.

Food and Drink

A fact you should know about Istanbul, which is the most populous city in Turkey, is that you can find all kinds of food in the city. Istanbul, a city where Turkish culture is blended with modern Western flavors, stands out as one of the number one cities for meat and vegetarian dishes. 

Being a city where you can also taste the local delicacies of Turkey, Istanbul is one of the most developed areas of the country in terms of food and drink. There are a few dishes in Istanbul that you should not return without eating, here are some of them. Let's start discovering Istanbul. Flavors first.

1- Bagel

Indispensable for Turkish breakfasts, simit! Preferred as a snack for every meal, including breakfast, especially on the streets, simit is the perfect combination of sesame and bread. Bagels, where you can put tomatoes, cheese, and butter ingredients, are only worth a few Turkish liras. Preferred in many places, from quick snacks to mixed breakfasts, Simit is one of the foods widely sold in every city of Turkey.

2- Tea

Turkey's most consumed beverage, tea, is exported worldwide from this country. You would not be considered to have come to Turkey without drinking the tea collected from the fresh highlands of the Black Sea region. Crown your meals with the pleasure of tea you can find anywhere at any time of the day.

3- Kumpir

Kumpir, a food that originates from the Mediterranean and can be consumed either as a snack or as a meal, is a street delicacy where you can put any ingredient you want. Kumpir, which can be consumed as vegan or vegetarian, is shaped according to your taste!

4- Lahmacun

One of Turkey's most consumed dishes, lahmacun! Lahmacun, a Turkish adaptation of Armenian flavors, draws attention as a street flavor or a meal you can hang out and eat at the bar & restaurant. Lahmacun, a delicacy in which minced meat and sauce are cooked on lavash, is one of the most popular meals for tourists in Turkey. You can fill your stomach with lahmacun, a flavor you will encounter in every district of Istanbul. But watch out! The taste of this dish, which fascinates tourists with its affordable price, can be left in your mouth.

Accommodation and Hotels

There are accommodation places suitable for every budget in Istanbul. Don’t have to be concerned about your money matters. There are various hotels where you can stay from 100 Turkish lira to 5,000 Turkish lira per day. You can spend a 5-star night in the magnificent hotels in Levent, Maslak, and Şişli, which are among the richest districts of the city. In addition, you can choose to stay in Taksim, Kadıköy, and Beşiktaş regions, both economically and centrally. If you want, you can spend a quality night at an affordable price by choosing boutique hotels instead of hotel chains. In addition, you can stay with your crowded friends and family groups by taking advantage of the opportunities such as daily rental houses, apartments, and rooms. By the way, wherever you stay, you will be close to any bank or currency exchange center. By choosing public transportation and accommodation places far from the center, you can stay close to your destinations without billing extra for transportation. Early booking, one of the best accommodation opportunities in Istanbul, allows you to stay at a more affordable price the earlier you book your place. Especially when you make reservations a few months before your long-term trips and holidays, you can both cancel free of charge and allow you to stay in more elegant hotels at lower prices. Don't have to worry about billing when staying in affordable hotels!

If you want to watch two continents simultaneously, you can choose hotels and boutique places around Ortaköy. The Historic Peninsula, one of the must-stay places for those visiting Istanbul for the first time, is waiting for you to experience a historical and cultural feast. You can get information about Istanbul and have an unforgettable experience in the city with this trip that will present you to see both its cultural side and your money matters. 

If you want to go out and have fun at night, choose the Cihangir district. At the same time, Karaköy is a district famous for its entertainment venues and nightlife. In addition, if you want to stay within the cultural and historical textures, you can find hotels around Beyoğlu and Galata. Beyoğlu, which has not lost the city's historical texture over the years, is among the number one choice of photography and cultural travel enthusiasts with its stone walls and wooden houses. Beyoğlu, a district where the Galata tower can be seen everywhere, makes it possible to wander the streets among the lights.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I save money in Istanbul?
You can save money by using public transport, by purchasing a tourist pass, and by visiting free-to-visit attractions in the city. You can also walk many places by foot.
Is Istanbul an expensive city?
In relation to other touristic cities in the world, Istanbul is inexpensive and easy to travel to.
Are Istanbul hotels expensive?
It depends, as there are many luxurious hotels that cost a lot. In general, hotels in Istanbul are cheaper than other European cities.
How much is public transport in Istanbul?
In Istanbul, you must have an Istanbulkart to use public transport and you can load as much as you want to your Istanbulkart.