This is the reason why tourists come from all over the world, one of the most amazing natural features of the country is its mountain.


Mountain Ararat:

This is one of the most important mountain ranges in the whole of Turkey. It is also the highest mountain in Turkey. The mountain with its snow-capped top is the home to two dormant volcanic cones, the Greater Ararat and Lesser Ararat. Greater Ararat is the highest peak in Turkey. The beauty of the mountain is totally charming. It can be said that your trip to Turkey is incomplete without visiting the Mountain. This is one of the most beautiful Istanbul Mountains that you will witness.

Hasan Dagi:

This is perhaps the most beautiful mountain peak that you may see in Turkey. The base of the mountain is a green field which is going to absorb your mind completely.  This is basically an inactive stratovolcano located in the Aksaray province of Turkey. If you wish to take beautiful pictures of mountains then this could be an ideal spot for you. The area of the mountain is truly fascinating, the green landscape at the base of the mountain is the main attraction of the place. You can simply not afford to miss this place while visiting Turkey.


If you want a great weekend. Just rent one of these mountain houses in the woods of the Picos area, close to the center of Istanbul at a reasonable prices, enjoy the charming landscape, knowing that each house has a room and a bathroom. The mountain is fascinating with its forest and green landscapes which makes it a beauty near Istanbul. Definitely a true experience of relaxing.

Zirve Dag Evi:

It is located in the state of Kogyali, its rooms offer stunning views at an attractive prices. It is suitable option for children with a playground and a small zoo as well as a camping area.


It is a green paradise which makes it the best choice for a wonderful weekend in nature. Located between the Kartepe and Sapanca regions. It has beautiful streams, waterfalls and green forests. The riverside offers many restaurants serving fresh seafood. It also contains hoses “Cansu” which give you the ultimate experience.


It is one of the cities of the state of Bolu, wherever you go you will see the history through its old houses. You may want to visit it on the weekends especially on Saturdays when the popular market is open, and if you intend to stay, there is an antique hotel dating back 170 years, Haci Sakirler at a reasonable prices that also offers breakfast and lunch.

Kackar Mountains:

Another fantastic Turkish mountain to climb and explore, Kackar is located in Turkey’s beautiful Black Sea region whose natural alpine beauty is often compared to Switzerland, walk past the wildflowers and sheepherders with their flock, and challenge yourself to reach the peak at around 4km.

Buyukada Hill:

A rare place away from all the chaos and the city noises, you can enjoy the silence it offers you that will make you want to throw your troubles into the see, you may even hear your own voice. The view is fatally beautiful, the best part is to sit down and have a nice cup of tea, to climb the hill you need to climb 1KM uphill. It is basically a big island at the top, quiet, calm to listen to the sound of nature. Also you will notice many cycling tours which makes it a good experience to try. The main advice is to go to the island early in the morning on the first shop and complete the hill walk before the hot presses. It is a great view worth all the fatigue and tiredness.

There are many beautiful attractions in Istanbul and near it, to get the best view possible you may want to climb a mountain, and make your journey worth mentioning. Many of the views offered are worth all the things you do for it, it is quite the adventure.