. Istanbul is beautiful nearly all time of the year because of its location on the Bosphorus but just any other cities, it has its perfect times. In general, the weather in Istanbul is at its best between April to July, when the sun is warm, the sky is clear the air is cool. During these months and specifically these months, one of the best things to do is to rent a summer house and enjoy your time rather than staying at a hotel.

Here are some of the options you have for spending a nice vacation in one of the summer houses in Istanbul city:

First Of All Let Us Talk A Little Bit About The Location:

Well, it is nonsense to rent a house or a flat at the heart of the city because you are going to pay more than you pay in a hotel and literally benefit nothing. Thus, it is better to escape the traffic and crowds of the city and go to one Marmara Sea beaches. For example, you can rent a small villa at Buyukcekmece beach next to the gold sands to wake up watching the beautiful view of sea and birds flying over it. In addition, you can have the chance to buy some fresh vegetables and meat to cook your own delicious food, or if you are not in the mood of cooking you can easily eat the food you want from one of the restaurants spread there, we recommend trying the fresh grilled fish from it is really delicious. You can also spend some time at the beach swimming or laying under the sunlight. At night, you can have a peaceful walk with your friends or partner beside the beach.

Another option that might be more interesting for you is the beach of the Black sea, specifically in the Kilyos district. This district is more like a big village or a small town that is really calm and simple, everything in Kilyos is natural and fresh, food, drinks, air, everything just looks simple and enough. But you definitely need a car to reach the heart of Istanbul because Kilyos district is an hour away from the heart of the city. One of the best things to do in Kilyos is to go camping at one of the areas dedicated for camping, it is more than amazing experience to settle your own tent next to the green hills and beautiful clean seawater.

If you want more of a luxury option, you can go to Sariyer district where you can find more luxurious villas and houses to rent, you can also swim and enjoy the fancy cafes and restaurants. In general, staying in the Sariyer district may not give the true summer life experience because everything is luxurious there but if you are more comfortable in such environments, the Sariyer is absolutely the best option for you.

If you are looking for something without beaches, then Sile is the best option for you. There are a lot of villas and flats to rent at Sile, especially that it is considered as one of the most important touristic places. You can find a long sidewalk next to the famous lake and a big market where you can buy gifts and souvenirs, not to mention the beautiful natural sights and green hills and trees spread all over the place.

Great, What About The Prices?

The prices differ from one place to another. For example, renting a villa in Buyukcekmece district next to the sea is less expensive than other places, it won’t cost you more than 1000 USD while in Sariyer it is expensive. In fact, Sariyer is the most expensive district in Istanbul because of its luxury style so expect to pay a lot more than you will pay in Buyukcekmece.
For Kilyos, it is the cheapest because of its location that sits far from the heart of the city, and prices start from 800 USD per month.
In Sile district, we can’t say it is expensive but still not cheap like kilyos even though it is far away from the city. This is because it is considered a touristic place so it is normal to pay more than kilyos or even buyukcekmece districts.