So, what are some of the things to do in Istanbul? We're here to help you discover its music venues and concert halls to ensure that you have a good time! We'll be listing numerous venues to have the best experience while you travel to Istanbul. 

Salon IKSV

The "Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts", also known as IKSV, has been a part of Istanbul's culture and helped the process of creating a cultural and affordable art scene. Being a non-profit organization, it hosts many of the festivals and concerts that take place in Istanbul. Salon IKSV is the place to go if you're looking for quality music and a fun time. Hosting multiple concerts every week, it offers a wide range of music genres and gathers everyone from different backgrounds into one single location for one night. Located at the city's heart, in Şişhane, it also benefits the concert-goers. 

Ataturk Cultural Center 

After its grand reopening, the Atatürk Cultural Center, also known as AKM, welcomes music lovers with its magnificent architecture. Having been redesigned and reopened not long ago, the music venues at AKM will enchant you. You can find nearly anything you're looking for in AKM's music venues, from opera to ballet and theater to concerts. Its concert hall has a modern but also traditional design that stands out from anything else. Located at Taksim Square, it will be the first thing you see. After the concert, you can also have a quick stroll around Taksim and Cihangir and discover the underground music venues. Life moves pretty fast in Taksim; you'll just have to tag along with it and go where it leads you. 

Zorlu PSM 

Zorlu Performing Arts Center remains to be the largest performing arts theater and concert hall in Istanbul. Welcoming the most well-known and popular artists in its music venues, it also hosts festivals like the annual jazz festival in Istanbul. It is specifically designed to host any and every performing art. From concerts to theater, festivals to bale. Located in Besiktas, the music venue hosts multiple events every day. So you'll eventually find what you're looking for and won't run out of things to do in Istanbul. 


Are you looking for a more bohemian music venue in Istanbul? Bomontiada is the exact place you need to visit if you travel to Istanbul. With its open courtyard and music venue inside, Bomontiada is the right place to visit during the summer. Not only is it a music venue, but you can find all sorts of activities to do like workshops, visual art performances, markets and screenings. Spending your summer in Istanbul, you won't need to look any further than Bomontiada's beautiful music venues and open-air markets. 

Park Forest Nature Park 

Don't worry, the Park Forest Nature Park isn't just a nature park. Istanbul is known for its big festivals that take place during the summer. One of the music venues that encapsulates the wild energy of festivals is the Park Forest, Nature Park. Located in Sarıyer, the park accommodates festivals and events. Alongside its protected areas, the giant park allows music lovers to find common ground. Having a capacity of 14.000 people, it is indeed the melting pot of Istanbul. While traveling to Istanbul, Park Forest Nature Park is a must-see for music lovers. 

Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall

Designed mainly for classical music, the concert hall is one of Istanbul's biggest. Named after the first composer of the republic of Turkey and pianist Cemal Reşit Rey, it holds great historical value. It is considered to be one of Istanbul's best music venues. Hosting events primarily for jazz and classical music-lovers, the concert hall hosts concerts, ballet and dance performances nearly all year round. 

Scattered around Istanbul, you'll find student-friendly music venues, smaller but entertaining music venues and nightlife oriented clubs. You can also find lesser-known venues around Istanbul worthy of our mention. Klein Phoenix is one of them. Located in Maslak, it is the perfect place for hosting DJ sets and music events. You can also find many clubs in Taksim if you're looking to dance! Şahika and Gizli Bahçe are hidden gems where you can dance all night and listen to great DJ sets, live performances, drag queen performances, and more

Frequently Asked Question

Where can I hang out in Istanbul?
You can have a drink with your friends in districts such as Kadikoy, Beyoglu, Cihangir to have the best music experience.
Are there live music bars in Istanbul?
Yes, districts like Bomonti, Nisantasi and Kadikoy have amazing bars that perform live music.
Which places have great live music in Istanbul?
If you are looking for music venues in Istanbul, you can try Bomontiada, as it is a district famous for its bars.
Is Istanbul expensive for tourists?
No, when compared to other touristic cities of Europe, Istanbul is a cost-effective alternative with many historical spots.
How to get to Salon İKSV?
You can reach Şişhane with the M2 metro line, take the Refik Saydam Street exit in the direction of Kasımpaşa.