Unlimited Internet Connection In Turkey With Istanbul Tourist Pass!


What Is The Istanbul Tourist Pass Internet Connection Kit?

Istanbul Tourist Pass provides you with 4G Mobile WiFi hotspots from which you can stay connected to the Internet with no MB limit, anywhere and anytime in Turkey. With Istanbul Tourist Pass portable devices, you can connect to the Internet from up to 10 devices at the same time!

What Is A Mobile Wifi Hotspot?

A WiFi Hotspot is a mobile modem that you can easily carry in your pocket. This tiny modem creates a strong WiFi around you to which you and your beloved ones can easily connect with all smartphones, tablets and laptops. With a unique ID and password, you can enjoy your unlimited Internet anywhere in Turkey.

How Does The Device Work?

The only things you need to do are to activate the device online before you use it and then turn your mobile WiFi on by pressing the on/off button for 3 seconds. Afterwards, it is as simple as connecting to a regular WiFi.
You won’t be dealing with extra sim cards, paperworks or data roaming costs!

What Advantages Does Istanbul Tourist Pass Internet Provide?

In Turkey, SIM cards require a lot of unnecessary procedural work for registration and activation. When you have this mobile hotspot, you will not be concerned with any of these. Moreover, 4G Internet connection is available almost everywhere in Turkey and with your Internet device, you will stay connected to the high speed 4G Internet anytime you want and get your social media accounts updated in seconds, or have access to your business while on your trip!


1. Purchase your Istanbul Tourist Pass through https://istanbultouristpass.com/

2. After you complete the reservation, your device will be delivered to your hotel, hostel or vacation rental in the whole country.

3. You can now enjoy unlimited data on 4G mobile service and connect up to 10 devices. 4G infrastructure is widely available throughout Turkey. Your connection speed will be around 20Mbps in city centers.

4. At the end of your rental, you can extend it or simply leave the device to your hotel reception or to your host and ask them to ship it back to Istanbul Tourist Pass.