There are some elements that you should know before coming to Istanbul, which is known as the most populous and most developed city in Turkey, which hosts millions of tourists every year and at the same time hosts 18 million people. One of them is security checks! As it is the most populated city in the country, you may need to be a little careful while touring Istanbul. They say the big city will have big problems, what do you think? 

What Are The General Security Measures?

When you come to a city, the security measures in the routine of that city definitely draw your attention. Although it is not common in small cities, many security measures are taken in big cities to ensure citizens’ and tourists’ safety of life and property. Istanbul has the distinction of being the largest and most populous city in Turkey, so when you come to Istanbul, you should not be surprised if you see security and checkpoints in many places. These points, which were established to ensure complete security and peace, ensure that the citizens’ peace of mind and that the safety of the society is not endangered.

Security Check Precautions You Will Encounter at the Airport

Airport security, one of the most extreme security measures in Istanbul, is one of the issues that tourists should pay attention to when entering and leaving the country. These precautions, which should be considered especially in passport and visa controls, play a major role in ensuring identity and passport controls. The tourists should be broadly informed about the aviation security program, particularly the part that applies to passenger terminals, and the role the public can play in helping to prevent illegal acts. Passengers and public individuals should be constantly warned of the basic security procedures they should do in passenger terminals, with announcements, not to leave their luggage unattended, and immediately report suspicious attitudes and behaviors to the police or security services. In addition, appropriate warning signs can be placed at the ticket offices of passenger terminals, operators, and travel agencies.

Although many airlines offer their tickets for sale through travel agents, over the phone and on the Internet, ticket sales personnel, and control personnel; It can play an essential role in the security mission by being trained to recognize “people who need to be subject to additional or increased inspection or security search before boarding” as identified in the national security program.

Remember, security and police can stop any tourist or citizen they deem suspicious and dangerous at random and do a body search. These suspicious persons, who are usually checked for identity, can be checked especially at the subway, airport, crowded street, and museum entrances.

Security Checkpoints In Istanbul

Due to the crowdedness, security and identity checks can be made at the entrances of crowded streets and venues and museum entrances. Istanbul is a big city, and continuous security checks are of great importance for the peace and security of society. For this reason, both local and foreign tourists should be prepared and act in accordance with these safety rules. In this way, security checks can be performed without incident.

Police officers, who work 24/7 for the safety of tourists and citizens, continue to keep watch all over the city. Therefore, keep your mind at ease and enjoy the moment while traveling to Istanbul. In addition to airport and street security checkpoints, there are many security measures at the entrances of shopping malls, subways, concerts, and venues. Due to the age restriction of alcohol for kids younger than 18 in Turkey, minors are not admitted to alcoholic places and many businesses at night. Security checks at the front of the venues, a situation frequently encountered by tourists, can sometimes create unpleasant situations. When you experience a situation like this, you have to hand your identity to the police and authorized persons and let them do an ID scan.

In the article on the tourism continuity and protection of tourists in the Turkish Constitution, it is stated that all security needs of the visiting tourists will be provided by the Turkish police and guards. The Turkish police will deal with any legal problems faced by tourists and will be responsible for their safety.

Security Checkpoints In Turkey

One of the detailed security checks you may encounter in Turkey is in shopping malls! At any time of the day, when entering any shopping center, security checks must be passed. These searches, which are checked for sharp or piercing tools hidden in items such as bags and suitcases, are also valid for tourists. Especially in the last few years, with the spread of the pandemic, the HES Code application enables citizens and tourists to secure their health. If you are a foreign tourist who wants to tour Istanbul, you may have to show your PCR scan results at the shopping mall entrances.

Frequently Asked Question

What are security measures in Istanbul?
In Istanbul’s crowded points and transportation units, you will find many security measures taken to make sure the public is safe, such as X-ray devices, cameras and security forces.
Is Istanbul secure?
Yes. Istanbul in general is a secure city with an established security force.
Is Istanbul safe to visit?
Istanbul is safe to visit for tourists all around the world as the city has an empowered security system.
Is there a security checkpoint in Istanbul?
Yes. In the airports of Istanbul, there are many security checkpoints.
Are Istanbul malls safe?
Yes. At the mall entrances, there are always scanning X-ray devices and security forces.