As Istanbul is a metropolitan city, anything can happen in both good and bad ways. For that reason, you might want to learn more about some emergency numbers and where to call in which situations. In this article, let’s check the main emergency numbers and the possible reasons or situations to call them.

112 Emergency Call Center: Your Lifeline in Turkey

The 112 Emergency Call Center is a vital lifeline that ensures immediate assistance during emergencies throughout Turkey. This unified emergency number is designed to simplify and expedite the process of seeking help in critical situations. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor exploring the beauty of Turkey, understanding the significance of 112 can be a lifesaver.

What is 112?

The 112 Emergency Call Center is a centralized helpline that provides access to various emergency services, including medical aid, police intervention, fire department response, gendarmerie assistance, and even disaster management. This single point of contact streamlines the process of connecting individuals in distress with the appropriate authorities, irrespective of their location within Turkey.

How Does It Work?

When you dial 112, your call is directed to trained operators who are skilled in handling various types of emergencies. These operators are equipped to assess the situation quickly and dispatch the appropriate response teams. Whether you're facing a medical crisis, a safety concern, or a disaster, the operators at the 112 center are ready to assist.

Services Offered by 112

1. Medical Assistance: If you or someone around you requires medical attention due to an injury, illness, or health crisis, dialing 112 will connect you to medical professionals who can guide you through immediate first aid and dispatch ambulances if needed.

2. Police Intervention: In situations requiring police intervention, such as criminal activities, accidents, or threats to safety, 112 operators can connect you to the police department for swift action.

3. Fire Department Response: When fire-related emergencies occur, dialing 112 promptly connects you to the fire department. This ensures rapid response to fires, rescues, and other life-threatening situations.

4. Gendarmerie Assistance: Similar to the police, the gendarmerie provides law enforcement in rural areas. If you're in a rural region and require help, 112 can link you to the appropriate gendarmerie personnel.

5. Disaster Management: The 112 center plays a critical role in coordinating responses to natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, and more. By calling 112, you can alert authorities and trigger necessary disaster management protocols.

Why Choose 112?

 Efficiency: With 112, you don't need to remember multiple emergency numbers. A single call connects you to a wide range of emergency services.

 Accessibility: 112 is accessible from any phone, including landlines and mobile devices. This makes it easy for both residents and tourists to seek help.

 Language Assistance: If you're not fluent in Turkish, the operators at 112 are trained to communicate in multiple languages, ensuring effective communication during emergencies.

 Nationwide Coverage: The 112 Emergency Call Center operates nationwide, ensuring that help is just a call away, regardless of where you are in Turkey.

 Speedy Response: Trained professionals at the 112 center prioritize swift responses, ensuring that help reaches you as quickly as possible.

Remember, in any emergency situation, staying calm and calling 112 can make a significant difference. Whether you're facing a health crisis, a safety concern, or a disaster, the 112 Emergency Call Center is there to provide the assistance you need. And while you're in Turkey, don't forget to explore the fantastic attractions and services available through products like the Istanbul Tourist Pass® and Cappadocia Travel Pass®, or gather information about Istanbul through Your safety and enjoyment are our priorities.


An Emergency Related to Travel and Consulates

Travel and consulate emergencies might also occur during your trip. You might need to cancel or rebook your trip, or you might call the airlines for any lost and found emergency. Or you just might want to call them if you have any questions about Turkey before visiting Istanbul.

There are different airline brands. You must know which airline it is that you have the flight ticket, or you would like to fly with. You can call the airlines in case of any emergency. Below, you may find the numbers of the most popular airlines in Turkey to call:

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is the most prestigious and most popular airline in Turkey. They have flights almost everywhere in the world. Their prices are pretty high compared to other Turkish airline brands. You can find the number you should call by going to their website and looking at the relevant country. Customer Service: 0850 333 0849

Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines is Turkey’s second most popular airline brand. They don’t have routes as diverse as Turkish Airlines, but they also have great fares at affordable prices. Please call 0888 228 1212 to reach out to Pegasus Airlines’ customer service.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the police number in Istanbul?
In Turkey, you can call the 155 line to contact police forces.
What is the ambulance service number in Istanbul?
112 is the national number for health services in Turkey.
What is the fire department number in Istanbul?
110 is the number to call in case of an emergency related to the fire department.
Where should you call in case of an emergency in Istanbul?
You can call 112 in case of emergency as it is the health service number of the country.