We encounter such structures in our everyday life. For example, there are lifts designed for wheelchairs on the sidewalks. There are lifts suitable for disabled people on the overpasses, etc. And in the rest of our article, we will see how accessible Istanbul is and discover where to visit Istanbul. How would you like to go on a tour in Istanbul in a wheelchair? We can hear you saying yes, so you need a travel guide. Let's get started and meet the accessible Istanbul. 

Accessible Life in Istanbul

Of course, the best place for a visitor to discover Istanbul is Sultanahmet. Being in a wheelchair to watch the Blue Mosque is not a problem. Again, the Hagia Sophia Museum is a place that can be easily preferred by wheelchair users because it has a special toilet for the disabled. And yet, Beşiktaş JK museum, which is one of the values that increase the accessibility of Istanbul, is referred to as a 100% barrier-free museum, and there is no charge for disabled visitors. 

Sakıp Sabancı Museum is one of these places and does not charge any fee for disabled citizens too. In addition, Panorama 1453 Museum is perfect for wheelchair visitors as there are disabled ramps everywhere, from the parking lot to the inside of the museum. In addition, special events are organized for disabled visitors at the Pera Museum, providing a pleasant experience. If we talk about accessible Istanbul, the Topkapı Palace Museum is a place where it is very suitable for transportation by wheelchair. In addition, the Basilica Cistern, one of the symbols of Istanbul, is also one of the most suitable places in terms of accessibility, although it is underground. In addition, we think that Taksim should be added to the itinerary because it is the symbol of Istanbul. Still, it is recommended to have a companion to facilitate accessibility because it is very crowded. 

Dolmabahçe Palace is one of the must-see places, and there is no charge for disabled individuals and their companions. İstiklal Street is also one of the other areas you can visit easily in addition to Taksim. Pierre Loti Hill is another address that highlights the accessible Istanbul because the cable car line there is suitable for wheelchair users. And Istanbul Toy Museum is another accessible address, and there is no charge for disabled people in this museum. Finally, let's end our trip with a Bosphorus tour and suggest that you have a companion with you. 

Social Events About Accessible Istanbul

In Turkey and Istanbul, many non-governmental organizations defend the rights of wheelchair users and organize various activities to raise awareness. They are trying to create a more accessible Istanbul for everyone. For example, they prepare and distribute banners criticizing the parking of cars in front of wheelchair ramps, provide awareness training in schools, and use wheelchairs in school gardens. They make visual presentations. In addition, various university clubs also organize awareness events to support disabled life and do projects that will make life easier for people who use wheelchairs. 

In addition, non-governmental organizations carry out various projects such as charging units for people who use electric versions, conducting various research in Istanbul, and preparing disability-free life reports about Istanbul. These efforts to create a more accessible Istanbul have a positive impact on society in terms of awareness. Lastly, the campaigns for the non-wheelchairs and the actions on wheelchair transportation have aroused great interest in terms of accessibility in Istanbul and are a great example of awareness. 

Measures Taken in Public Living Areas

Accessible Istanbul is as accessible in public areas as it is in tourist areas. Various measures are taken for wheelchair users in public living areas such as shopping malls, airports, bus stations, and streets. There are elevators that are available for wheelchair users in shopping malls. Parking spaces are reserved for the disabled parking spaces in the car parks. 
Toilets have grab handles for disabled people. Also, there are disabled ramps on the sidewalks on the streets, and their widths and heights are controlled. So much so that even the slope of the ramps is calculated and built by engineers. In addition, toilets in public areas are arranged for wheelchairs, thus increasing accessibility. Also, it is in a convenient location for wheelchairs on buses and subways, thus further underlining accessible Istanbul and making it open to exploration.

Frequently Asked Question

Are streets of Istanbul visually-disabled friendly?
Yes. In many streets of Istanbul, there are yellow lines that help people with visual disabilities.
Can you visit Hagia Sophia with a wheelchair?
Yes, Hagia Sophia is wheelchair accessible.
Can you visit Blue Mosque with a wheelchair?
Yes, Blue Mosque is wheelchair accessible.
Are disabled people charged for a ticket in Dolmabahce Palace?
No. Disabled people can enter and explore Dolmabahce Palace without a fee.
Which museums are easy to visit with a wheelchair in Istanbul?
Panorama 1453 Museum in Istanbul is known for its accessible design.