It is a lovely city between Çanakkale and Bursa. You can get on the ferry in Yenikapı and be there in two hours. Besides, you can travel on the bus and be there in five hours. Its districts in seaside are popular in Turkey to spend a summer holiday. Ayvalık is the most known of those districts. It is a small town with lovely beaches such as Sarımsaklı and Badavut. There are gorgeous places to visit such as Taksiyarhis-Kirche Church and Çınarlı Mosque. Besides, you should try local meals prepared with fresh herbs and fishes. You can finish your day by watching the sunset from the Devil Table and learn the story of this mysterious place. In another day, you can discover Cunda island and walk-in its cute, narrow streets.



It is one of the big cities of Turkey and it was the capital city of the Ottoman Empire in early periods. You can get on the ferry and be there in two hours. If you choose to get on the bus, you can be there in three hours. In the city center, there are many historical places to visit such as Green TombGreen Mosque and Grand Mosque of Bursa. Nearby, there is an old bazaar called Koza Han where you can find silk clothes and some souvenirs. When you visit there, you should try Bursa iskender– special kebab of Bursa. Maybe the most exciting experience in Bursa is to get on the cable car and go to the peak of Uludağ. It is a well-known mountain in Turkey and a great place to spend a winter holiday.


It is a charming city with its history and natural beauties. You can go there by getting on the bus and be there in around seven hours. Bosphorus in Çanakkale separate city center from the historical peninsula, Gallipoli. In the city center, you can see the Trojan statue monument that is the same statue used in the famous Brad Pitt movie “Troya”. Along the seaside of the city center, you can visit some museums such as the Çanakkale Military Marine Museum or Çanakkale Ceramic Museum. You can visit ancient Troya by getting on the bus from the city center and explore the story of this mysterious city. You can also get on the ferry and discover Gallipoli peninsula where many people from different nations died during World War One. Besides, you can attend some daily tours such as Troy and Gallipoli and Gallipoli and Troy since it is better to visit those places with experienced guides.


It is a fantastic city in the Aegean region. You can go there by getting on the bus and be there in eleven hours. Luckily, you can also go there with the flight last an hour and a half from Istanbul. It is a city famous for Pamukkale. There is a natural beauty that shaped as white travertine terraces on a hill and those terraces is full of the mineral-rich water. You should visit there to feel refreshed and have some fantastic photos. Moreover, you can visit the ancient city of Laodicea where ruins of ancient Greek buildings promise you a magnificent experience through history. It worth to see and listen to the mysterious story of the city. To make your visit more fantastic, you may attend some tours such as Pamukkale, Ephesus and Pamukkale and Ephesus, Pamukkale and Priene.

Istanbul is the perfect choice to start discovering Turkey and have unique experiences. Around Istanbul, you can visit many cities and have unique experiences. Balıkesir is a lovely city and Ayvalık worth to visit for its amazing beaches and tasteful meals. Bursa is the city where you can find both Ottoman spirits in historical buildings and gorgeous mountain Uludağ. Çanakkale has many tales to tell you from Trojan times to World War One. Denizli is another city makes you amaze by its fantastic travertines and promise you to have a journey in ancient Greek. Whenever and however you come, you are welcome! To have more information about Istanbul, you can visit