Roof Mezze 360:

This 5-stars restaurant has made its popularity due to many reasons, the panoramic 360 view over the magnificent golden hornthe delicious menu are the just fascinating things to have while enjoying the best time. The decoration and the interior architecture of the restaurant are Anatolian breeze to give the best atmosphere there is. The menu is huge with a collection of both cold and hot, seafood, appetizers, and the might of the Turkish cuisine. Definitely a restaurant to be at while in Istanbul

Nusr Et Steakhouse:

You may know Nusr Et from his famous signature move, the Salt Bae, but this is not the reason for his popularity, the main reason is the fresh well-made steaks that this restaurant do. The burgers of the restaurant are made with the best hands there is, alongside their signature Nusret Special which is a must try for many people, a good meal that will make you want to go there again and again.

Etçi Mehmet Steakhouse:

Etçi Mehmet is one of the best steakhouse restaurant in Istanbul, the restaurant offers you the best collection of steaks there is. The atmosphere is calm and decent for your joyful eating atmosphere. There are plenty of branches in Istanbul not just one branch. Keep an eye on the road when you see one, don’t hesitate to go to one of them.

Panoramic Restaurant:

Panoramic view over the old city, wide collection of dishes in the menu, what else?

This restaurant is amongst the top of the restaurant due to the atmosphere it offers to the customers they serve. The restaurant is perfect for family or even couples, it is located on the 7th floor of Adamar Hotel, and the view allows you to enjoy your dish with the perfect view over the Sultan Ahmet district and the Bosphorus as well. Eating and enjoying the dish you desire, with the perfect view and seeing how all these monuments fit in the atmosphere of the city of Istanbul is just wonderful.

Mihri Restaurant:

A restaurants with the best historical background and the best dishes there is while enjoying the atmosphere and the weather in the garden of Hagia Sophia baths.

The location of the restaurant gives the best experience with its being very close to the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia, the food will satisfy the customers and the restaurant is that crowded.


This restaurant has been functioning since the 80’s, the building of the restaurant gives a unique taste to its architecture, the name has not been changed since the day of the construction. The staff are really experienced that they worked in the tourism business for many years. The menu is rich with local Turkish dishes and international cuisine. The restaurant is high quality and it is recommended to visit it while you are near it.

Fine Dine Istanbul:

Located in the heart of the old city of Istanbul, Fine Dine is a fascinating choice for people who seek to end the day full of excitment with a spectacular dish and view. İt is not very far from the Sultan Ahmet Square. One minute walk is seperating you from an outstanding experience and a view over the Bosphorus and the old city of Istanbul. The menu is full of options, local and internation cusine are served with the best quality and service.

The restaurants in Istanbul are endless, each restaurant is unique in its own way with the perfect atmospher and environment to enjoy the dish you like. You will not see two restaurant with the same atmosphere, as mentioned each one of them is unique. Don’t hesitate to visit as many restaurant in Istanbul and forget to try the Amazing Street Food in this city if you are a food addict.