Feeling Past In Fatih:


Sultanahmet square is the heart of Fatih and a perfect starting point for walking in September. It is the place where you can have Hagia Sophia skip the line tour and then discover Sultanahmet Mosque stand by looking to each other. Other options to visit historical places are Topkapı Palace guided tour, Gulhane Park, Basilica Cistern tour. It could be better to visit those places with an experienced guide to make your walking more interesting. If you want to buy some souvenirs, The Grand Bazaar or Spice Bazaar is not too far from here. If you need the energy to continue for walking, there are many tasty options such as Turkish kebap or döner that you can easily find around the bazaars. If you want to taste some street food that is special to Istanbul such as the grilled chestnut or simit, you can be sure to find them along the streets. Makre sure you have old city of Istanbul tour when you visit Istanbul.

Balat, which is another corner of the Fatih, is an interesting place to start your discovery by walking. It is popular with its colorful buildings and rapid slopes. Literally, Balat streets are the best place to take photos for Instagram ????. You can find well-decorated coffee shops to take a break for a while. Besides, there are little shops that you can find some interesting souvenirs. Moreover, there are some art studios to look at, if you are interested. Nearby, there are some historical places to visit and the Greek Ecumenical Patriarchate, Church of Saint Mary are just two of them. 

Having Fun In Taksim:

 Istiklal street is the center of Taksim and can be an excellent origin for your walking. It is between Taksim Square and Galata Tower. Along the street, you can find whatever you want. If you need the energy to walk, there are plenty of restaurants from traditional Turkish cuisine to universal tastes. But, if you want to taste some street food, a wet hamburger is the best choice to try in here. If you want to give a break, there are both modern and old-fashion coffee shops. For the tastiest break, you can go to Mandabatmaz to taste the best traditional Turkish coffee. Besides, you should be ready for some surprises as walking. You may hear a familiar song from any corner of the street or see a beautiful building in a cross street such as The Church of Saint Antoine.

Galata, which is another corner of the Taksim, is a great place to start an amazing walking. You can take the most beautiful Istanbul photos in Galata street tour since the view of the city is amazing. As you come close to Galata Tower, you can find little shops for souvenirs such as vintage clothes, handmade bracelets/necklaces, etc. If you are interested in some nostalgia, you can find some antique stores as well. Furthermore; Tophane and Karaköy, which are close to Galata, have many valuable art galleries and museums to visit. The Museum of Innocence, Pera Museum, and SALT Galata can be some stations of your art walk in Istanbul.

Refreshing In Büyükada:


It is the biggest island of the Princes’ Islands and a great place to walk. Along the seaside, patisseries and little shops are located to take a break. You can find delicious ice cream with a variety of flavors. When you started to walk into the streets of Büyükada, you can be fascinated by appealing buildings and their amazing gardens.  Since it is an island, most of the streets in here, are the slope. If you are tired after climbing a rapid slope, seasonal winds help you to relax. But, be patient and ambitious enough to see the Aya Yorgi Church, that is at the end of your walking. The magical ambiance of the church and the charming view of the sea are worth for your walking. By the sun goes down, you can walk back to the seaside and try some fresh fishes with the tasty aperitifs.

Istanbul is a fantastic city in all seasons. Yet, September is the most peaceful time to come and have a unique experience. Also, it is great to have an experienced guide as a company along the streets of Istanbul to make your experience perfect.