Belgrad Ormani (Belgrad Forest):


They call it “Istanbul’s livers” because it is so close to the heart of the city which is Taksim, it takes 45 minutes driving away from Taksim which makes it quite close. The preferable time to go there is in the summer and weekends. If you love the nature you will really appreciate coming alone at the morning between 7-9 oclock, because of its clean fresh a due to the big trees which breath into the skies. If you are thinking about making a breakfast well then! Pick up your tea thermos from your home, and pick some Borek in packet from Bilice Famous Borekci. Then when you arrive there you will start with 6 km walking narrow street. At the end after your freshening walking, you arrive to the wooden tables and start to do your picnic. So, what can you do at Belgrad Forest? Well you have some alternatives and choices to make out there. First, you have the 6,5 km parkour walking road to walk in the beautiful amazing nature. There are some wooden buildings triangular shaped which you can get some view on the lake out there, or you can take some mesmerizing memorial pictures with your friends or soulmates. And lastly Barbeque, of course we are going to talk about it because at Belgrad there are different places to do your barbeque at, Ayvat Bendi area which has amazing natural views in it, Bin Başı area which you will enjoy its wide sitting areas and your children will play with each other at your play yard. Hope you will enjoy a pleasing time.

Adalar (Princess Islands):

Istanbul has about 9 islands, 4 of them are well-known and a lot of people heading there to get some valuable time between the nature in the green island with the sea view all around. You can get to the islands from Bakirköy, Kabataş, Eminönü and Kartal. Once your trip is over and you land there, there are a lot of things to do; First, consider visiting Aya Yorgi church, is had built in 1751 and it does not take much effort to get there, Second, Sait Faik Abasıyanık museum is free to visit and worth to watch. Also, another recommended thing is to visit the ice-cream shop Prinkipo, there is no coming back without tasting that delicious ice-cream. For your lunch plans, you may consider barbeque at Dilburnu nature park in Buyukada, or maybe some fish sandwiches from Burgazada Öğretmenevi, reasonable prices and quality food. And for the summer lovers out there, you can go the Kumluk Plaji (Sand beach) to get some tan or maybe swimming in the sea. The islands have a lot to do and visit, the important thing to mention though is watch your clock, because the transportation ships come always on time.

Abant Gölü (Abant Lake):

Abant Lake is located 34 km southwest from Bolu between the mountainsThe lake has a charming beauty view in every month of the year. It is a very popular destination for a lot of people to get the holidays or weekends beautifully passed. Due to the abundance of the plants and the natural lake surroundings, it had been taken away as a “Nature Park” in 1988. Abant Lake is rich in flora and fauna. Pine, beech, oak, poplar, ash, hornbeam, willow, juniper trees. The edge of the lake has a lot of water plants like Abant Çiğdemi and more. Fish enthusiasts can do fishing at certain times of the year by paying a fee. In the forests around you may find a lot of wild animals like foxes, wolves, deer, rabbits and squirrels. Going there is a soul healing journey that can’t be forgettable. I want to mention that if you to pass a day around there to get on the road early because it takes about 3 hours driving to arrive there.