Topkapi Palace Museum, which has been open for use and visitors for centuries, maintains its feature of being one of the most popular tourist attractions in Turkey today, without detracting from its splendor. This palace, which is called a perfect reflection of Turkish and Ottoman culture, continues to be one of the structures that carry the traces of history with its architecture and historical appearance.


Topkapi Palace With Its Unique Architecture

Topkapi Palace museum, which is among the best places to visit in Istanbul, amazes visitors with its impressive history. This palace, which was built by the famous Ottoman sultan Mehmet the Conqueror right after the conquest of Istanbul, hosted dozens of Ottoman sultans and powerful personalities of history. The palace, whose construction was started in 1460 and completed in 1478, was built on a land of 700,000 square meters. The palace is located in Sarayburnu, at the tip of the Istanbul peninsula, between the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn. Topkapi Palace, which can be seen from almost all of Istanbul, has never lost its importance with its unique structure. 

Four hundred years of the empire, especially during the era of Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Sultan Abdülmecid; Topkapı Palace, has managed to maintain its importance since the day it was built. This structure can also be considered as the center of education, administration and art. The Topkapı Palace museum, which was opened to the public as a museum after the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey, has an interior space of 400,000 square meters. At the same time, this palace is the first museum of the Republic of Turkey. Topkapi Palace, which has collections, architectural structures and approximately 300,000 archive documents, is one of the largest palace museums in the world. The Palace, which has many different works under its roof, is flooded by both local and foreign visitors every year.

Surrounded by gardens and squares, the palace has four interlocking courtyards. This building, where each courtyard has a different use, has multiple uses as it hosts officials in many different sectors. For example, the courtyard used by the statesmen is not the same as the courtyard used by the sultan's concubines. At the same time, the Sultan's family members also use a completely different part of the Palace.

Topkapı Palace museum, which combines aesthetic appearance with baroque architecture, perfectly reflects the magnificent Ottoman culture and lifestyle. In addition to the showiness of the palace, there are also special corners, as the Sultan and his family loved. It is possible to find traces of history in this building, where the plain walls are decorated with fine details. In addition to its external appearance, this palace, which has many rooms inside, consists of many sections.

The precious jewels in the palace, clothes belonging to the Sultan and his family, items of religious importance and historical furniture attract attention. The Topkapı Palace museum, which receives thousands of visitors throughout the year, is known for being constantly busy and crowded. You can visit this museum, which always has a great tourist attraction regardless of the season, with the privilege of the Istanbul Tourist Pass. In addition to that, you can turn your next route to the Madam Tussauds museum to see the sultans who lived in Topkapı Palace.

Catchy Features About The Palace

  • Topkapi Palace, which has hosted 400 years of the 600-year-old Ottoman period, took its place among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1985.
  • The kitchen, harem and supply room of the palace, which was severely damaged due to a fire in 1574, were restored by Mimar Sinan upon II. Selim's order.
  • Topkapi Palace, which combines European Baroque architecture with traditional Ottoman architecture, continues to serve only some parts of which are open to visitors these days. 
  • Topkapi Palace, which has been flooded with visitors from all over the world, also attracts the attention of local tourists.
  • This palace, which was used as the home of not only important statesmen and clergy, but also the Sultan and his family, hosted thousands of servants.
  •  Topkapi Palace is famous for its entertainment and feasts. In the palace, enough food for thousands of people during the day was cooked, and also the palace hosted a different event every week. 

Frequently Asked Question

On which days is Topkapi Palace open to visitors?
You can visit Topkapi Palace museum every day except Tuesdays. Visiting hours are between 09.00 and 16.45 in the winter season and between 09.00 and 18.45 in the summer season.
Can I visit Topkapı Palace with a guide?
Yes, with the Istanbul Tourist Pass, you can visit Topkapı Palace museum with private guides and experience its historical texture and history.
What are the privileges that Istanbul Tourist Pass provides me?
With the Istanbul Tourist Pass, which offers you special privileges, you can enter historical places without waiting in line, see historical buildings with a guide and benefit from the privileges provided to you.
What is the historical significance of Topkapi Palace?
Topkapi Palace is one of the important structures that was built during the Ottoman Empire and has managed to preserve its historical importance until today. It is one of the most visited historical places in Turkey.
Do I have to wait in line to visit Topkapi Palace?
No, you don't have to wait in line to enter historical places with the Istanbul Tourist Pass, and you are also exempt from the entrance fee. This allows you to see more places in less time.