First of all my dear reader,I would like to share some informations about what is dance and its unique history then I am inviting you to witness one of the most beautiful and challenging dance festival , not finished but also in one of the most beautiful and gorgeous city in the world . Be ready because this writing is going to blow your mind because it will provide you information about the Istanbul dance festival . Yess , you heard and read correctly , Istanbul is preparing itself to the pretty special dance festival.

How Did The Dance Found ?

History of dance relies on the development of human race.Even the earliest years of human being’s existence , before the creation of modern civilizations , dance was served as a way of expressing human thoughts and emotions. Later on , dance was modified to the point of being popular means of expression , communicaiton and competition and it became of the world most known show business.

Let’s Go To Istanbul Dance Festival:

One of the most famous five dance festivals in the world is taking place in Istanbul every year .Festival is not only for dancers or the one who has profession about dance but also fort he ones who wants to watch and learn about dance .To sum up , dance festival provides huge impression to its visitor , you do not have to know how to dance , festival provides and creates chance for you to watch and learnh how to dance and enjoying ypur time .Last year the dates of the eighth Istanbul Dance Festival was on between 27-31 March. The dance festival was created by attendance of so many different dancers from different countries of the World beside from the Turkish dancers , their motto was “ Dance for peace and goodness” last year.The place of eighth Istanbul dance festival was Pendik The Green Park Hotel & Convention Center. The dance festival of Istanbul is adressing all age range of people from 7 to 70.The program of eighth dance festival of Istanbul was including Latin dances and concerts ,famous Latin djs and parties ,150 hours Workshops for elementary ,normal and upper levels ,25 different dance style which lasts four days long. Moreover , fort he Zumba lovers , there are also Zumba Party which has a motto “Zumba for Health and Sport”.

Are You Ready For The Ni̇neth Istanbul International Dance Festival ?

2020 is going to provide dance lovers to one of the world most known and loved dance festival in Istanbul.Festival is hosting dancers every year and people more than 5000 from more than 80 different countries all around the world.This year the nineth dance festival of Istanbul is going to take place in Pendik The Green Park Pendik Hotel & Convention Center.The dates of nineth Istanbul dance festival is between 26-31 March , hours are between 12.00-23.30.This year the festival is going to host the nineth international children dance festival.Childrens are going to be able to join the Hip-Hop , K-pop , Modern dance and Zumba and etc.Parents are not forgetted , they can attend symposiums in which they can get information from very famous bloggers and dance teachers about dance and children in Turkey.Are we finished ? Of course not !! Attenders can try the Istanbul street tastes sponsored by Art of Kitchen , they will be able to drink their preffered drinks sponsored by Harvard Cafe ,they can watch amazing children shows with their children at Historical Emek Cinema.

Where To Stay ?

Istanbul international dance festival lasts 6 days from 26 to 31 March. The festival is going to take place in Pendik district of Istanbul. Thanks to its good cjoice of location you can have fun during the time of festival and then you can rest in five stars hotel which is located in the district of Pendik which is located in the same district of festival. So, I have some suggestions for you my dear readers to stay during the festival. My first advice to stay in Pendik is  Crowne Plaza Istanbul Asia Hotel which provides its visitors to comfortable rooms , quality meals and fully equipped sport center.There is also another choice for people who wants to join international dance festival of Istanbul : Divan Istanbul Asia Hotel is one of the best choice for you tos tay and enjoy your time during the festival and also for later visits . One of the best advantages of Divan Istanbul Asia Hotel is that it is so close to the Sabiha Gokçen Airport and some really important points of Istanbul in terms of transportation.The hotel also includes luxurious Spa &Fitness Center .Inera Hotel is also one the most challenging accomodation for visitors with its unique designed rooms , terrace cafe and elegant restaurant.