Here Some Experiences To Say Goodbye To Summer In Istanbul In August!

Take A Tour On Bosphorus:

It is best to take a tour on Bosphorus during hot August days. Whether it is your first time or not, you can enjoy discovering Istanbul with a Bosphorus tour. Since there are many routes for those tours, you should decide which one is best for you. Besides, their content and duration change as well. You can book some tours before you came to Istanbul or attend one of those tours when you see some ferries in Eminönü or Kadıköy. Whatever your choice is, be sure that you will enjoy refreshing breezes of the sea, say or listen to beautiful songs with your friends/family and take fantastic photos of Istanbul for yourself.

Taste Ice-creams In Moda:

Even ice-cream companies sell their products in any seasons, ice-cream is still a summer classic. Besides, if you want to taste some ice-creams, you should go to Moda. Following the seaside of Kadıköy, you can reach there easily. There are lovely patisseries and some of them stands for years in there. One of them is the Famous Ice Cream of Ali Usta. You should visit there and enjoy its delicious ice-cream before summer ends. There are lots of flavors if you want to try something new such as an ice-cream with melon flavor. You can also enjoy it as you watch the sunset of Istanbul.

Drink A Lemonade In Pierre Loti:

Surely, one of the colors of summer is the yellow of lemonade. It helps to feel cool and refreshing as you exhausted because of humidity and sun. It requires fewer ingredients, yet it always promises a fantastic flavor. To make drinking lemonade a bit fantastic, you can visit Pierre Loti and enjoy it as you watch the fantastic view of Golden Horn. It is a hill in Eyüp and has the name of an Istanbul lover lived in there a long time ago. You can use the cable car to reach the top of the hill and enjoy your lemonade before August ends in Istanbul.

Have A Picnic In Yildiz Park:

Yıldız Park is hidden heaven in Istanbul. It is in Beşiktaş and you can find it as you follow the seaside by starting to walk toward the north from in front of Dolmabahçe Palace. It locates in a wide area involved with lovely plants, trees, decorative pools, and some restaurants. There are some cute residents of the park such as squirrels or ducks. If you find an empty place under a tree, it is almost enough to enjoy having a picnic. Before coming to the park, you should prepare your bag for a picnic. You can be minimalistic and have a picnic with just some aperitifs and beverages from groceries in Beşiktaş. Simit, some pieces of cheese and Turkish tea can be a practical menu for your picnic. A cup of coffee and some cookies can be also great as an alternative menu and it depends on your preferences.

Walk-In Büyükada:

is the biggest one of the Princes’ Islands. It has charming patisseries along its seaside. Before starting your walk, you may boost your energy with some deserts from those patisseries. You can rent a bicycle as well, yet it will be more exhausted than walking on a sunny day. As you walk in its streets, you see lovely gardens with amazing houses. They inspire you and feel like in a fairyland. Despite the sun, refreshing breezes will be your companion as you walk through the top of the island. Be patient and ambitious to reach there since the church of Aya Yorgi will wait for you. It has a peaceful atmosphere and a lovely garden you can see a fantastic view of Istanbul.

Discovering summer classics again in Istanbul before August ends, is a great idea. To fulfill this dream, you should start with taking a tour on Bosphorus and feel refreshing breezes of the sea. Since ice-cream is a must for summer, you should try some interesting flavors by visiting patisseries in Moda. Another summer classic is lemonade and view of Pierre Loti can be a fantastic companion for it. Besides, having a picnic is a great idea especially if you come with your friends or family and Yıldız Park will be a nice place since it is the near center of Istanbul. Finally, you shouldn’t finish your summer without being tired of walking in the streets of Büyükada and amazing with its atmosphere. Whenever you come, you are welcome! If you look for more information about Istanbul, you can visit