The term “coffee” was originally used in the early to mid-1600s, and it derives from the Ottoman Turkish word “kahveh.” It was even outlawed in Ottoman Turkey in the 17th century for political reasons, and it was linked to European political upheaval. 

For centuries, Istanbul has been the crossroads of the East-West coffee trade. Coffee shops are more popular than ever in Istanbul, where they have spread like wildfire. A harried business traveler seldom needs to worry about finding a cup of coffee. This is due to the fact that a coffee shop can be found on almost every street corner. 

The finest coffee, according to true coffee connoisseurs, can be found in tiny local cafés where each cup is carefully prepared. These businesses are often hidden away in areas outside of a city’s financial center, making them difficult to find for a business visitor. 

For business travelers who are tired of the same four hotel walls, we recommend independent coffee shops in Istanbul. Coffee shops are an excellent way to learn about the local geography and culture. 

The following are some of Istanbul’s best coffee cafes. The list of coffee shops has expanded as a result of visitor recommendations and will be updated on a regular basis. 

Fazil Bey Turkish Coffee House

One of the bazaar’s oldest shops is attempting to establish a network of outlets throughout Istanbul to disseminate the aroma of its own coffee. Come in for a cup of Turkish coffee and Turkish pleasure, as well as a glass of cold water served on a metal tray. 

The House Cafe

The House Café is a trendy coffee shop franchise in Istanbul. This stylish café has sites in Ortakoy, Tunel, and Nisantasi, among others. Autobahn, a trendy design company, has stylized them all. My favorite is the original at Nisanstisi on the Bosphorus coastline, which has a hidden entrance, tables strewn around, and a lovely garden. 

Barnie’s Coffe Co

Barnie’s Gourmet Coffee & Tea Company has evolved to become America’s biggest privately held gourmet coffee and tea supplier in the last two decades. With a wide variety of Flavored, Decaffeinated, Light, Medium, and Dark Roasts, Barnie’s Coffee provides the world’s best hand chosen gourmet coffee beans. 

Simdi Cafe

Simdi (Now) is a stylish, peaceful café located on the first floor of a fashionable old Pera building. The room is well designed and much more soothing than coffee in Markiz Passage. It’s a great location to go if you want to relax and meet some local intellectuals. The coffees and fresh juices are wonderful, especially when accompanied by a slice of delectable Orange cake. Simdi is located among the side alleys of Beyoglu. 

Java Studio Istanbul

There’s a coffee shop and an art gallery here. Enjoy some of Istanbul’s best coffees, teas, and other refreshments. In their international Bakery, sample fresh delights prepared from genuine recipes. View beautiful paintings by famous local artists and shop for high-quality Turkish handicrafts in a peaceful, pleasant setting with educated and friendly personnel. Jennifer Gaudet, a Canadian, established Java Studio and has built an atmosphere out of a disused carpet store on a side street in Sultanahmet that seems like home even if you’re half a globe away. 

In Istanbul, there are many excellent coffee shops and cafes, as well as fantastic restaurants and famous attractions. While in Istanbul, be sure to try Turkish coffee at least once.