1. Going up to the terrace of 360 Istanbul, having a drink and watching the city-view from the top

2. Buying books from Simurg Bookstore or stroking the cats

3. Strolling around Balıkçılar (Fishermen’s) Bazaar in Galatasaray

4. Buying Turkish delight or candy from the historical Üç Yıldız (Three Stars) in Balıkçılar Bazaar

5. Buying some nice pens and pencils from Panter Bookstore

6. Sweating in Galatasaray Turkish Bath

7. Buying books and records from bibliopoles’ bazaar in Aslıhan

8. Stopping by the bookstore of Beyoğlu Municipality, which hoards all sorts of publications related to Istanbul

9. Drinking in Nevizade at least once

10. Of course, tasting profiterole or Uludağ in Inci

11. Taking a look around second-hand stores in Rumeli Passage

12. Shopping in Beyoğlu Business Center

13. Protesting against the demolition of Emek Movie Theatre

14. Sipping a cup of tea in the atrium of Haco Pulo

15. Buying some clothes from the shops in Terkos Passage

16. Taking a look around the ornament stands in the side streets

17. Eating shish liver in Canım Ciğerim

18. Taking a leisurely look at the exhibitions in Yapı Kredi

19. Walking around the colorful stores in the basement of Aznavur Passage

20. Enjoying a fish-raki delight in Çiçek’s Arcade in Asmalımescit

21. Drinking home-made lemonade on the terrace of Ship which overlooks Galata

22. Discovering the new stores of Tünel and Galata

23. Eating a portion of delicious meatballs and haricot bean salad in Hüseyin’s Grilled Meatball Restaurant

24. People watching in the bars around Asmalimescit

25. Enjoying a concert of your choice in Babylon, Hayal Kahvesi or Ghetto.