Of course Istanbul has many attractions to find and live, but also if you ever decided to live in Istanbul, wherever you go will find the best stores to buy your furniture from. If you are in Turkey and don’t know where to buy your furniture, fear no more, in here we will help choose the best out of the best.


Doğtaş Mobilya:

The company is a Turkish furniture produces and retail chain, the company was founded in 1972 as a furniture workshop south west of Istanbul, from 1987 the family began to expand its business, opening shops in the hometown of Çanakkale and then establishing a national network of agents. The company began to export furniture in 1994, to Albania. There are over 200 stores across the country and abroad, including 3 stores in London. In recent years, the company started working with many well-known designers such as Atıl Kutoğlu and Ece Sükan.

Arçelik A.ş.:

The company is a household appliances manufacturer from Turkey, the company engages in the production and marketing of durable goods, consumer electronics, kitchen accessories, and small home appliances.

The company offers you the best of products for your home, it mainly focus on smart home systems and electronic accessories for your home rather than just furniture. The company is active in more than 100 countries including China and the United States through its 13 international subsidiaries and over 4500 branches in Turkey. The company has 15 production plants in Turkey, Romania, Russia, China, Thailand, and South Africa. In addition to its products, the company also produces refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashing and cooking appliances. The company currently is controlled by Koç Holding, Turkey’s largest industrial and services group and is the market leader in Turkey’s appliance sector with its Arçelik and Beko Brands. Arçelik has been ranked “Number One” in the private sector for the 14th time in 19 years, so if you want to buy your home appliances from here, don’t be afraid you are in good hands.

Dilek Mobilya:

Dilek Mobilya is another furniture company to buy your favorite furniture from, the company has many stores around Istanbul. Half century old furniture center that provides solutions to your classical furniture, avant-garde furniture and modern furniture demands. It is a good furniture producer for lovers of this kind of style with extreme vanity. The company also delivers abroad not just locally so if you like the furniture you may ship it to your home country.

Eskidji Bazaar:

The Eskidji Bazaar is considered one of the best places to buy your furniture from, the place looks like a shopping mall, but from the inside is full of different furniture stores, from bed room focused shops, to kitchen accessories, and home accessories. The place is considered as a know it all place, because of its many stores covering all the needs of their customers and because of its being always the best choice to buy from, you can even bargain your way into the stores, the merchants like to bargain, so if you are a smooth talker you will get the perfect furniture for you in a cheap price.

The Eskidji Bazaar has branches all over Istanbul, choose the nearest branch and shop.

There many and many stores and companies in Istanbul to choose where to buy your furniture from. From local stores to big companies offering the best of furniture made for you and your family. And actually it is not just concludes big companies, you may also find in Istanbul local stores or small branches offering many discounts all year long on specified products.