You can board one of the ferries that depart from Eminonu for Kadikoy if you prefer a more time-consuming yet enjoyable mode of transportation. By doing this, you can spend about 15 minutes admiring the stunning Bosphorus Strait while grabbing a cup of tea and some goodies from the store inside the ships. When you arrive at the Kadikoy Pier, seek the big yellow IETT bus pick-up location, which is very close to the Kadikoy Pier. Take the bus with the number 4 or the one with the 16D. To get to the Selamicesme Mosque, get out at the Onsekiz Mart stop and walk for 5 to 10 minutes.

Other Things To Do In And Near Kadikoy

Visit the Moda neighborhood: The Moda neighborhood is one of Kadikoy's attractions that stands out from the rest. There is enough to do here to keep you busy for a full day. Take a stroll along Istanbul's Moda Coast to observe the Bosphorus Strait from one of the city's most picturesque and tranquil coastlines. You will unavoidably pass by a few tea gardens on the way there. Choose one with a view of the Bosphorus, and as you take in the scenery, order a cup of tea or Turkish coffee.

Visit Dondurmaci Ali Usta to sample any of the more than 50 types of delicious, all-natural ice cream for some of the best ice cream in Turkey.

Next, board a tram and begin exploring Kadikoy. You will observe the district's prevailing bohemian aesthetic during your trip. You can take a Culinary Walks Kadikoy tour to enjoy Turkish cuisine while touring one of the most well-liked neighborhoods on Istanbul's Asian side because Kadikoy is home to a lot of fantastic restaurants where you can sample numerous dishes from the well-known Turkish kitchen.

Visit Moda Stage Theatre to see some of the finest works of Turkish theater and cinema. The location for art lovers in Kadikoy, there are various plays and movies being produced here, from well-known shows to more independent, arthouse films.

After all of this, it might become a little bit late, but don't worry—Kadikoy is recognized for having fantastic nightlife with a variety of top-notch bars and pubs. Arkaoda is undoubtedly one of Istanbul's top bars and a favorite among both locals and tourists. This establishment, which can be found on Bar Street, features fantastic live music, a wonderful ambiance, and a wide selection of top-notch drinks.

Viktor Levi Wine House provides more than 12 different varieties of wines prepared in their cellar if you prefer outstanding house wine over a few beers. The interior of the building is decorated with a variety of plants, adding to its elegant appearance.

Do you like rock music? So Zincir Bar is the spot for you. This inviting and welcoming tavern offers a wide selection of drinks and snacks at more reasonable prices than other bars around.

Are you prepared for another adventure? The following day, depart from the Kadikoy dock and board a ferry to Eminonu. Once there, enter the historic neighborhood of Fatih because there is much to learn about this area

Frequently Asked Question

Are the Ledra and Buyuk Han street crossing far from the mosque?
It is rather near.
Are there any Turkish restaurants close to the mosque?
There are several locations to enjoy regional cuisine.
Selamicesme is where?
The Selamicesme Mosque is located in the Kadikoy district's Selamicesme neighborhood.