This process might be annoying especially when buying furniture from a new city that you do not know anything about, where to buy from, what is the average price and what are the qualified brands. Thus, in this article you will get to know more information about the furniture market in Istanbul and the best places to buy from.


Despite that Turkey is connected with Ottoman culture more than other cultures of empire that once ruled the region but lately, the market of furniture and decoration has added more options and even a wider collection of designs and styles to satisfy all tastes of customers. Now, you can find hundreds of brands and companies that operate in a specific style or design. Brands like MODA tend to have more of a casual style but if you are a fan of old ottoman style, you can find companies that produce furniture with such designs.

Because Istanbul city is a very large city all brands came to a solution of being located in a specific complex where people can visit rather than being located in different places of the city. Complexes like Masko city which has two cities or Eskidji Bazaar offer their visitors all kinds of furniture in all styles and designs. In fact, when you enter Masko city you will find hundreds of furniture stores and decoration offices that you can find anything you want in it. Still, you can find other branches of these stores outside the Masko city.

In any case, whether you are looking for mobilya only, or aiming to decorate your house from the scratch. The following names are among the best brands in Istanbul:


Founded by designer Deniz Duru, the 333km mobilya and decoration shop is one of the most famous shops in Istanbul, it is because the designer focuses on creating comfortable, convenient designs and always make sure that all of her designs are functional.  The 333km decoration and mobilya shop is located in Karakoy district next to Eminonu, just beside the left entrance of the French passage.

Mobilya at 333km shop are not cheap actually, expect to pay more than other shops.


The name is familiar for almost everyone in the world. The company is originally Swedish but has many branches around the world. And the branch of Istanbul is one of the most active branches, especially that most of what it produces if not all are actually made in Turkey.

The furniture that you find at IKEA store is modern, high quality, and efficient. The most famous thing about IKEA’s furniture is probably being easy to use and easy to transfer from a place to another one, this is why everyone loves it even if there are more luxurious options or cheaper ones.

In general, buying from IKEA does not cost a lot but still, you can find cheaper options that might be with the same quality but definitely not easy to move it like the furniture at IKEA stores.


This shop is most famous for its handiwork designs and mobilya. The Hamm shop offers customers both Traditional and modern designs, you can also find modern designs with a traditional touch on them to come up with a very unique and different result. The hamm decoration store has grown massively throughout the years but the original store was in Cukurcuma where all the beauty of decoration exists.

We highly recommend this store because of its beautiful designs. You can find this shop in the Seyrantepe district in Istanbul.

 Bizone Studio:

The Bizone store is considered one of the best stores on the Asian side of Istanbul but it is a little bit different than other stores. It offers ceramic, wood, and metal designs and antiques to be used for showing purposes more than using. In addition, the owners make sculptures and jewelry in the basement. These sculptures are among the most beautiful ones in Istanbul. So if you are looking for decoration store this one is the best option for you

You can find this store in Kadikoy district on the Asian side of Istanbul.

Still, there are a lot of furniture and mobilya stores in Istanbul that fit all of your desires.