So What Is Turkish Bath? What Is It That Makes Turkish Bath Very Famous?

The Turkish Bath or as it is known in Turkish as Turk Hamami, goes back in routes to the beginnings of the Ottoman Empire’s period and some people say that the concept is even older as it was founded during Greek period. The Turkish baths are not only available in Turkey, you can find such baths in the Middle East, Morocco, Syria, India, and other countries that once were a part of the Ottoman Empire or interacted with its culture.

The Turkish bath combines the technique of the Roman bath with the technique of the Asian steam bath. The bath consists of a big central hall of clean marble warmed by the steam under the hall and in the hall.

Of course, you will not be fully naked but you will dress in a robe that is especially made for Turkish baths that covers the lower part of your body but it is totally okay to bring a robe that you want if you are not comfortable with the special robe. Inside the hall, you can lay down on the warmd marble and let the professional masseuse do the Turkish bath massage using loaf and natural soap. The steam itself will relax your body and kill every single pain or spasm in your body.

The difference in Turkish bath is not only the way bath works but also the dry heat rooms. These rooms are small halls where you can sit and build up sweating for 10-15 minutes. After finishing from the dry heat rooms, you can go to a large communal pool that is built from marble with tall ceilings and skylighting lighting the room from the top to add a relaxing touch to the overall atmosphere. You can sit in this room as long as you want and forget about everything  that can bother you.

So what makes the turkish bath very famous around the world?

Well, it is because of the atmosphere itself and the overall difference. Once you enter the bath main hall you will feel yourself bathing somewhere in the 14th century. Thus, you will have both a relaxing and fascinating experience.

Of course, the Turkish bath experience can be different from one person to another because some people do not feel comfortable to take a bath half naked in front of other people and some people actually prefer not to be massaged during their bath. Still, we really advise you to let the masseuse rub your body with exfoliant paste and natural soap in order to remove all the dead skin and black black granules out of your body. Do not worry about diseases because usually masseuses throw old materials and use new ones for each new customer.

When you finish bathing, change your clothes and go out to the main rooms where you can sit and drink a tasty cup of Turkish tea or Turkish coffee. You will definitely feel tired after such a relaxing experience, if you feel such a feeling do not worry at all because once you go out and move your body it will immediately get better like you never got tired before.

Here are some tips and advices for you when you want to have this relaxing experience:
1- Do not forget to bring a flip flop with you because the floor is wet due to steaming, you don’t want to slip and turn this great experience into a bad memory.

2- There are two halls of each section, one for men and one for women so you will not be annoyed of bathing with the opposit sex.

3- The masseuses are professional and they are trained very well, so feel comfortable to be massaged it is better for your body anyways.

4- Some people tip the masseuse after they finish, it is not a rule to do that. If you feel that the masseuse deserves it go ahead and tip him but if not, you are not obligated to do it.

5- Go for big hamams to have a better experience.