Freshly Made Falafel At Falafel Zone:

A cozy and cheap restaurant famous for its fresh food located in Beyoğlu in the avenues of Taksim, you can choose a wide variation of falafel, and from normal disk-shaped falafel to even burger falafel and burritos, plus you can ask for some homemade beverages such as lemonade or orange juice. Once you arrive and order your food you they will start cooking your food so that everything you eat is fresh. So if you are always open for a new experience this your destination for some amazing and fresh vegetarian food.

Take A Bite At Meşhur Çiğköfteci Ali Usta:

Located in Sirkeci, close to the metro and tram way station, this local dinner offers one of the best çiğköfte you will ever see in Istanbul, people from all over the world wait in line just to eat his delicious food. The guy serving your food is really funny a great guy to meet, plus you won’t believe his speed at rolling your sandwich, the line maybe long but you won’t wait for that long. Definitely a place to check out and try their special food.

Eat Your Lunch At Veganarsist:

A great idea it is after your art walk in Istanbul enjoying a large and wide variations of healthy vegan food, they offer a lot to the customers from sandwiches, wraps, burgers, and beautiful desserts, and a really friendly environment to non-Turkish speakers so you won’t find yourself a stranger down there. It is located in Şişli sitting away 5 minutes from Osmanbey metro station, it is also recommended to sit in their balcony and enjoy your meal with lovely street view. Pretty sure you will end up paying more in your tip in regards to their wonderful service and staff.

Eat Your Veggies At Zencefil:



A lot of people saying this is the number one place during their visit in Istanbul for vegetarians, it is really close to the Taksim metro station, once you are there don’t forget to check this lovely and calm environment offering a relaxing atmosphere, with its wide range of vegetarian menu and fair prices, they also have the most brilliant menu you will ever see, in addition to their fast and wonderful service, they will do everything they can to make you feel at home, and last but not least they offer alcohol as well as Wi-Fi and outdoor seating. What else can a person wish for their eating environment? An amazing place to check and dine with your loved ones although, you can reach to Süleymaniye easily to enjoy a cup of coffee with the magnificient views.

Visit Galata Kitchen:

Go there, sit down, order your food, and eat while your eyes are closed, this restaurant has a combination of food that makes you want to go there again and again, they offer a really amazing and enjoyable food with fair prices, the food looks like it is home cooked, the place is not too far from Galata Tower and not too much street traffic so you won’t feel annoyed, the bestselling dishes are stuffed grape leaves and mung bean salad, come alone or with your partner so you have an amazing food and a friendly atmosphere. It is not self-service but you select and order from the buffet first then they serve your food.

Experience The Quality Food At Community Kitchen

The community kitchen offers you tons of homemade delicious food and a really friendly owner to speak with, additionally their fantastic vegan food, a cozy place to sit down and eat your food with a joy in your heart, the place is located in an avenue between şişhane metro and tophane tram way staition. You will find yourself lost in this place, give it a try and enjoy your delicious vegan food with your friends and loved ones and don’t forget to take some pictures to Topkapi palace and the blue mosque from there.

A lot of people know that Turkey is a meat loving country, from kebab shops everywhere you go to their famous meat balls, but as a vegetarian you can survive in Istanbul by checking out these restaurants and eating with your loved ones, no need to worry at all my vegan friends!