A destination with a varied culture is certain to have some spectacular tourist attractions. Istanbul, on the other hand, is not only culturally varied, but also physiologically diverse. This biodiversity may be seen at some of Istanbul’s best zoos. We’ve put up a list of must-see zoos in Istanbul that you should see during your visit. Because walking around zoos may be tiring, there are food and drink options!

Bosphorus Zoo:

The Bosphorus Zoo, situated near Gebze on Istanbul’s Asian side, is an excellent opportunity to see the city’s Asian side. Beautiful birds, untamed pumas, and lions may be observed as you stroll gently through the small, congested alleys that encircle the animal cages. Crocodiles, bears, otters, kangaroos, and monkeys all have big sharp teeth. It’s also fun to watch different types of cats and tigers. If you like nature and animals, I strongly recommend that you visit that area. It’s also a good idea to go early in the morning to take advantage of the fresh air. 


Aquarium Istanbul:

Florya is one of Istanbul’s most appealing districts. The Istanbul Aquarium has an amazing fish collection. Prepare to go from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean via 16 themed locations. They also have a model of the Amazon rainforest. At the Istanbul Aquarium, you may feed the fish, and the 5D Cinema, which has the best motion program in the world, takes the audience to other worlds via five unique movie options. Storm Simulator, which immerses you in the middle of a storm and enables you to experience adrenaline-pumping moments, and Mirror Maze, which takes you through similar pathways, endless reflections, and thrilling dead-ends. You may also try shark diving at the aquarium, and after completing a 30-minute diving session, you will be awarded a diving certificate. 

The suggested visit time is two to three hours.

Safari Jungle Istanbul:

Isfanbul is a major entertainment complex on the European side of Eyüp, making it an easy place to visit in Istanbul. The city’s motto is “The Capital of Entertainment.” They created an amazing experience for individuals of all ages; youngsters may engage in outdoor activities and there is also an indoor games section within the mall. At the top of the park, there is a large retail area that is a wonderful place to go shopping. At the mall’s far end, there’s an aquarium and a jungle safari with snakes, spiders, and fish. In addition, they have a hotel and an exhibition center. 

Isfanbul has become the most well-known and enjoyable not only the attraction in Istanbul, but also in the neighboring nations. 

So, if you want to spend the day with your children walking through a big shopping mall, entertaining them with indoor and outdoor games and activities, and then taking them on an educational tour, you may go to the aquarium or the safari jungle.

Apart from the zoos and malls you will find in Istanbul, Don’t forget to pay a visit to historical sites like Dolmabahce or the iconic museums!