Do you want to spend this winter in Sultanahmet ? Would you like to learn what to do in Sultanahmet in winter ? If yes, this is a great honour for me to share the suggestions of me .

First of all , I want to share a short introduction about the Sultanahmet. Sultanahmet square gets its name from the Sultanahmet Mosque which is located at the same place .The Sultanahmet square is also known as Hippodrome , it also hostes so many important and famous buildings such as Blue Mosque , Hagia Sophia Museum and Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts.These are common and very famous point for both meeting and travelling for the foreign and local tourists.Here are some advices for the visitors of Sultanahmet Square.

1- The Sultan Ahmet Mosque

The most important feature of Sultan Ahmet Mosque is that it is the most fascinating art pieces of Ottoman Empire .The Sultanahmet Mosque is also called Blue Mosque by tourists  because of the colour of faiences which is used while building. The most important feauture of Sultanahmed Mosque is that it the first mosque with six minarets.This great piece of art is one of the best place to visit Istanbul in winter.You can visit and enjoy the atmosphere of the great building .After that you can find great places to drink or eat the local foods of Istanbul. For example Armada Terrace Restaurant is one of the most favourable alternative in order to enjoy the beauty of Istanbul in winter.

2-Basilica Cistern

The famous subterranean Basilica cistern in Istanbul

Another the most famous and important thing which is important fort he history of Ottomon Empire is also located very close location to the Sultanahmet Square.Of course I am talking about Basilica Cistern.The important and very interesting story about this mysterious building is that , Basilica Cistern was built in order to store water.It is hard to believe that such beauty is hidden inside of this building.Moreover , Medusa head is waiting for its visitors to Show itself there.If you are visiting Istanbul in winter and looking for things to do in Sultanahmet , then visiting Basilica Cistern is an invaluable opportunity.If you want not only visiting but also find out the history , and stories about the Basilica Cistern then you can check Basilica Cistern Tour to discover it more and more.

3-Topkapi Palace

Another alternative fort he visitors and guests of Sultanahmet in winter is Topkapi Palace which is located very close area with the Sultanahmet.It is an attraction point for visitors in any season thank to its attractive shape of building. Not only the building but also the history and mystery of the Topkapi Palace is taking the visitors attention automatically.The reason of the interest on Topkapi Palace is just because this palace was the palace in which sultans of the Otttoman Empire was living and administrating the huge empire.There is a great tour which is called Topkapi Palace Tour , which allows its attenders to recognise and get some knowledge about the Topkapi Palace.

4-Hagia Sophia

Our one of the most important point is Hagia Sophia which is also located in Sultanahmet.So are you willing to discover Hagia Sophia in winter while just hanging out the near of Sultanahmet ? Great.Because this excellent piece of art is always welcoming its visitors with its historical and natural beauty which hides the lots of important and historical events.For the curious guest and visitors , there is an alternative to discover and recognise the Hagia Sophia and its importance from the Hagia Sophia Tour which takes approximately  1 hour.It is really great chance for visitors of it because the visitors are going to learn from the heart of Byzantium to the oldest building of Sultanahmet area which is called Hagia Sophia.

5-Grand Bazaar

If you are a person who wants to discover new and traditional things together here is one of the best thing to do in winter in Sultanahmet , visiting the Grand Bazaar.The building of Grand Bazaar smells like the history from the Ottoman Empire however the things inside of it from every time period .It means that you can see an anchient pieces and very new collections simultaneously.Grand Bazaar is one of the most crowded place in Istanbul no matter what weather it is.