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Hagia Sophia Tour and Experience Museum Tickets

Admire the beauty of Hagia Sophia with a guided tour of its exterior and an audio guide inside. Choose to add a ticket for a multi-sensory experience at the Hagia Sophia History and Experience Museum.

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Duration 1 Day

Check availability to see starting times.


Experience the grandeur of Hagia Sophia with our exclusive guided entrance tickets, ensuring a seamless and informative visit to this iconic landmark. Our professional guides will meet you outside the mosque and provide a comprehensive overview of Hagia Sophia's rich history and significance before entering, ensuring you gain a deeper understanding of its cultural and architectural importance.

Hagia Sophia, originally built as a cathedral in 532 AD by Emperor Justinian, it later transformed into a mosque, symbolizing the confluence of Byzantine and Ottoman cultures. The grandeur of its massive dome, adorned with stunning mosaics and intricate details, reflects centuries of cultural transitions. Today, as a mosque, it stands as a symbol of Istanbul's vibrant past and invites visitors to marvel at its timeless beauty, soak in the spiritual ambiance, and witness the harmonious blend of historical narratives within its magnificent walls.

Following the informative session, our guide will hand you the entrance tickets, allowing you to explore Hagia Sophia at your own pace. You can skip the ticket line with your ticket provided.

Add a Hagia Sophia History & Experience Museum ticket to delve into the mosque’s rich history with the technological wonders of the museum, featuring captivating exhibits and immersive storytelling experiences.

Located within the historic Ibrahim Pasha Palace, this museum invites visitors on a captivating journey through the ages. With three floors of immersive exhibits, the Museum unveils the rich tapestry of Hagia Sophia's past, from its origins as a temple to its transformation into a mosque. State-of-the-art technology, video shows, and audio narratives breathe life into history, offering a multi-sensory exploration of architectural marvels and hidden narratives.

The museum's unique layout allows visitors to traverse through 13 meticulously curated areas, each revealing a different facet of this iconic landmark's storied history. Complemented by a collection of never-before-seen artifacts, the Museum provides a truly enriching experience for visitors.

Enjoy a complete Hagia Sophia experience!

Select participants, date, and language
  • Learn all about Hagia Sophia before entry from professional local guides
  • Uncover lesser-known stories and secrets about majestic Hagia Sophia
  • Skip the ticket line and optionally fast-track entrance
  • Listen to crafted audio guides with your headphones inside or rent headphone

  • Guided Tour in front of the Hagia Sophia Mosque
  • Hagia Sophia entry ticket
  • Fast-track entry (if combo option selected)
  • Hagia Sophia History and Experience Museum entry ticket (if combo option selected)
  • Audio guide on your smartphone (via QR code)
Not Included


  • Headphones (available to rent for 100TRY)

Know Before You Go

All children will be asked to present their valid passports at the entrance of the museums to validate their age The visit duration and time can vary depending on the cleaning and disinfectant schedules of the authorities There is a mandatory security queue and it is not skippable Cover shoulders and knees for a respectful visit to the Hagia Sophia Mosque. Women, kindly cover your heads; scarves are available for purchase. There is no need to remove shoes, explore comfortably. Only Turkish citizens are allowed in the prayer area during prayer times. QR codes provide free audio guides in 16 languages; bring your headphones or you can rent headphones for 100TRY.


Hagia Sophia Mosque

Hagia Sophia or Ayasofya could be considered the most visited attraction in Istanbul along with its neighbor topkapı palace museum. Hagia Sophia was built as a Christian church around 532. throughout time, Hagia Sophia has become a mosque, a museum, and a mosque again. the minarets and inscriptions of Islam illustrate the theological transformations that have occurred in the region throughout the centuries. after turkey's administrative court reversed a 1934 judgment that paved the way for Hagia Sophia's usage as a museum, a decree on the 10th of July 2020 to legally classify the Hagia Sophia as a mosque was issued.

Even if you have just one day to spend in Istanbul, by visiting the Hagia Sophia site you can also visit other important attractions like Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Mosaics Museum, Topkapı Palace Museum, Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, Grand Bazaar, and so on.

Non-Muslims Visiting The Hagia Sophia Mosque

The Hagia Sophia Mosque is open to all tourists, Muslims and non-Muslims alike. However, there are certain rules to follow. For instance, before going inside the Hagia Sophia Mosque, visitors should remove their shoes. You are also expected to avoid visiting the Hagia Sophia Mosque during prayer times,  specifically on Fridays at noon. Moreover, when visiting the Hagia Sophia Mosque, women are expected to cover their heads as it is a religious and sacred place for Muslims. Headscarves are available for free at the Hagia Sophia Mosque’s entrance. You are allowed to take photos inside the Hagia Sophia Mosque, however, you should not photograph anyone who is praying. During your visit, you are expected to remain silent and avoid disturbing anyone who is praying. The Hagia Sophia Mosque is free to see, however, you could donate to the community if you would like.

Guided Hagia Sophia Mosque Tours

The Hagia Sophia Mosque is one of the most visited and loved attractions of Istanbul and Turkey. It contains countless stories, from the Byzantine era to the Ottoman period, that await you to discover. If you are visiting Istanbul even for one day, you must see the Hagia Sophia Mosque. If you have limited time and do not know how to plan your visit wisely, you could book one of Hagia Sophia Mosque tours and avoid wasting time! Hagia Sophia is very popular among Turkish people and tourists, so finding time to visit the mosque is very difficult.

Hagia Sophia Mosque, whose structure dates back over 1400 years, is the pinnacle of the Byzantine era. If you want to visit this landmark in Istanbul, you might consider booking guided Hagia Sophia Mosque tours. Another option you might consider is the Istanbul Tourist Pass. With the Istanbul tourist pass, your trip will be all covered, and you will not need to worry about your needs and the places you want to see separately. Istanbul Tourist Pass will allow you to visit more than 100 attractions in Istanbul. All you will have to do is enjoy your vacation and discover the beauties of Istanbul as independently as you wish

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