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Hagia Sophia: Entry with Guided Tour

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Embark on a captivating trifecta adventure in Istanbul, immersing yourself in the cultural charm of Pierre Loti Hill, the awe-inspiring wonders of Miniaturk Park, and the guided exploration of Eyup Sultan Mosque. Marvel at iconic landmarks, delve into history, and discover the perfect blend of culture, recreation, and camaraderie in Turkey's mesmerizing metropolis.

Explore the History and Serenity of Pierre Loti Hill: Ascend to Pierre Loti Hill, named after the renowned French writer, and be enchanted by its historical significance and breathtaking panoramas. As you reach the hilltop, leave the bustling city behind and enter a serene oasis that beckons you to unwind. Gaze upon the awe-inspiring views of the Golden Horn and Istanbul's iconic landmarks while enjoying a cup of traditional Turkish tea at a cozy café. The spirit of Pierre Loti comes alive in this idyllic setting, making it a perfect escape for contemplation and rejuvenation.

Discover Turkey in Miniature at Miniaturk Park: Prepare to be awe-struck as you step into the captivating realm of Miniaturk Park. Experience the grandeur of Turkey's most renowned landmarks recreated in meticulous detail on a miniature scale. This enchanting outdoor museum offers a unique opportunity to explore the diverse landscapes and architectural wonders of Turkey all in one place. From the iconic Hagia Sophia to the majestic Bosphorus Bridge, each miniature marvel tells a story of the country's rich history and cultural heritage. Immerse yourself in the beauty and diversity of Turkey without traveling vast distances.

Guided Eyup Sultan Mosque Tour - A Journey into Spiritual Splendor: Embark on a guided exploration of the magnificent Eyup Sultan Mosque, a symbol of spiritual significance and Ottoman splendor. Your expert guide will lead you through the mosque's elegant domes, intricate calligraphy, and serene courtyards, revealing the stories of its creation and the cultural importance it holds. Experience the spiritual ambiance as you witness worshippers and visitors from around the world coming together in reverence and awe. The Eyup Sultan Mosque tour is a profound journey into the heart of Istanbul's spiritual heritage.

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  • Explore the Church of Holy Wisdom, Hagia Sophia, with an amazing entry with guided tour.
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Know Before You Go

The guided tours are performed in English. Remember to wear modest clothing (arms and legs covered). Women must cover their hair with a scarf. If you forget to bring your own scarf, you can buy one before you enter.


Hagia Sophia Mosque

Hagia Sophia or Ayasofya could be considered the most visited attraction in Istanbul along with its neighbor topkapı palace museum. Hagia Sophia was built as a Christian church around 532. throughout time, Hagia Sophia has become a mosque, a museum, and a mosque again. the minarets and inscriptions of Islam illustrate the theological transformations that have occurred in the region throughout the centuries. after turkey's administrative court reversed a 1934 judgment that paved the way for Hagia Sophia's usage as a museum, a decree on the 10th of July 2020 to legally classify the Hagia Sophia as a mosque was issued.

Even if you have just one day to spend in Istanbul, by visiting the Hagia Sophia site you can also visit other important attractions like Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Mosaics Museum, Topkapı Palace Museum, Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, Grand Bazaar, and so on.

Non-Muslims Visiting The Hagia Sophia Mosque

The Hagia Sophia Mosque is open to all tourists, Muslims and non-Muslims alike. However, there are certain rules to follow. For instance, before going inside the Hagia Sophia Mosque, visitors should remove their shoes. You are also expected to avoid visiting the Hagia Sophia Mosque during prayer times,  specifically on Fridays at noon. Moreover, when visiting the Hagia Sophia Mosque, women are expected to cover their heads as it is a religious and sacred place for Muslims. Headscarves are available for free at the Hagia Sophia Mosque’s entrance. You are allowed to take photos inside the Hagia Sophia Mosque, however, you should not photograph anyone who is praying. During your visit, you are expected to remain silent and avoid disturbing anyone who is praying. The Hagia Sophia Mosque is free to see, however, you could donate to the community if you would like.

Guided Hagia Sophia Mosque Tours

The Hagia Sophia Mosque is one of the most visited and loved attractions of Istanbul and Turkey. It contains countless stories, from the Byzantine era to the Ottoman period, that await you to discover. If you are visiting Istanbul even for one day, you must see the Hagia Sophia Mosque. If you have limited time and do not know how to plan your visit wisely, you could book one of the guided Hagia Sophia Mosque tours and avoid wasting time! Hagia Sophia is very popular among Turkish people and tourists, so finding time to visit the mosque is very difficult.

Hagia Sophia Mosque, whose structure dates back over 1400 years, is the pinnacle of the Byzantine era. If you want to visit this landmark in Istanbul, you might consider booking guided Hagia Sophia Mosque tours. Another option you might consider is the Istanbul Tourist Pass. With the Istanbul tourist pass, your trip will be all covered, and you will not need to worry about your needs and the places you want to see separately. Istanbul Tourist Pass will allow you to visit more than 100 attractions in Istanbul. All you will have to do is enjoy your vacation and discover the beauties of Istanbul as independently as you wish

Frequently Asked Question

How much do I need to pay to visit the Hagia Sophia Mosque?
-Visiting the Hagia Sophia Mosque is free. You do not need to pay a fee, however, donations are appreciated.
Can you go upstairs of the Hagia Sophia Mosque?
-Yes, the upstairs of the mosque is open to the public!
What does Hagia Sophia mean?
Hagia Sophia simply means ‘Holy Wisdom’.
Are there any cafés or shops around the Hagia Sophia Mosque?
-There are numerous nice cafés and shops around the garden of the Hagia Sophia Mosque where you could rest or buy souvenirs.
What time could I visit the Hagia Sophia Mosque?
-You could visit the Hagia Sophia Mosque from 9 am to 6 pm during summer. If you plan on visiting the Hagia Sophia during winter, the closing time is earlier: 4 pm.

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