Enjoy A Rooftop View At 5. Kat Restaurant:

After a long day of touring around the beautiful old city of Istanbul, enjoying a rooftop view is an experience worth to live. It is a gem of a roof terrace café, perfect natural style, soft décor relaxing vibes and a friendly environment, enjoying the view of a ships passing across the Bosphorous lighting bridge in the evening with the perfect view of the Galata Tower over a breakfast or dinner, nothing can get any better.

Enjoy especial photo session with the views

Though it is surely that once you visit it the first time you would feel addicted to this wonderful city, Souvenirs must be taken in Istanbul and the best choice is pictures because it last forever souvenir, but in Istanbul taking pictures must contain everything in this city in one picture though it is impossible but you can collect the largest amount of the most know… that is what you can have on the photo session on the top of the high hill of Al-süleymaniye up on a roof of one of the historical places that is set as an outdoor photo session studio an experience must be taken , even wedding photos is being taken in this spot on the view on Galata Tower, Bosphorus, Asian side , historical and very important mosques and museums plus the perfect location on the Golden Horn and the green spaces

Have A Good Vibes At Balkon Restaurant & Bar:

We indicate our wonderful city natural treasures with all of our social activities as well so one of the favorite places for many tourists in Istanbul, an outstanding view over the city and the Bosphorous and a great variations of menu contents, great atmosphere, friendly staff, and reasonable prices.

Everything could not make you resist chill your night with a beer with your friends on the beautifulness of this city such a great feeling.

A really good place to pass the time after your tour around Beyoğlu, just having a great time and relaxing time with a lovely and romantic view with your partner or friends.

To get the best experience out of this experience check our tour guide for the Beyoğlu district.

Get A Lovely View And Relaxing View At Ulus Park:

Ulus park is one of the underdog places that don’t get much of an attention for tourists, but it is definitely a must to go places to relax and enjoy a wonderful view, it is just a marvelous experience seeing the birds, trees around you, and the ships passing by calmly, it is an unexplainable wonder.

In addition to their combination of different foods and beverages, you will have a great time by visiting the place, a highly recommended for sure.

After you finish from the café the experience is not finished yet, you can later go down to the garden and walk around and take a beautiful picture for your Instagram or snapchat, walking by seashore and having the best time of all on the sea views of the city.

Çamlica ( The Brides Hill):


A garden, a café, a view from the very above the hills in Istanbul that is located in the heart of the city giving you the perfect view on the city from above from the Asian side of the city over all Istanbul presenting all the famous three bridges of Istanbul in a spectacular seen Turkish people called it the brides hill and got very known with this name due to the photo sessions stands over the place and to the number of brides you could notice taking their wedding’s photos in their wedding dress also you can enjoy a walk in the garden over the view with you Turkish coffee or Tea also you can take a break a relax with the perfect atmosphere and the pure air that gives you the feeling of the greatness of the creator of this beautifulness.