Turkey is also investing millions of dollars in long-term plans to support the rise in demand, and Istanbul is already working hard to win the race. For anyone considering medical treatment beyond the border, we’ve put together a list of what you can find in Istanbul for health tourism

Over 20 million individuals travel across the globe for medical procedures and treatments. The top ten nations visited by medical tourists are the United States, South Korea, Turkey, Thailand, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Mexico, and Iran. These countries are known for their certified facilities, high-quality services, and cheap healthcare. Istanbul for medical care is a common decision.

Istanbul’s Health Tourism

Istanbul is a major worldwide destination and medical tourism hub in Europe and Asia, thanks to its world-class hospitals, cutting-edge technology, outstanding service at affordable rates, as well as high-quality hotels, accommodations, convenient transit, and tourist possibilities. Because of its advantageous position between Europe and Asia

Furthermore, as compared to other popular locations across the globe, medical tourists and patients may save up to 50%. Istanbul is also a fantastic destination for medical and health tourism, thanks to its numerous 5-star hotels and facilities offering wellness and SPA. There are also many tourist sites like as the Basilica Cistern, Galata Tower, and others. 

Hair Transplant In Istanbul

Hair transplants in Istanbul are one of the most common cosmetic procedures worldwide. Hair loss may cause males to become anxious and panicked, which can lead to depression and a desire to avoid social situations. If you think you’re going to lose your hair soon, make an appointment at  Istanbul’s best hair transplant clinics and start living your new life in a cost-effective and enjoyable manner. 

Istanbul Cosmetic Surgery

Since a few years, cosmetic, aesthetic, and plastic surgery has been one of the most popular treatments all over the globe. People go to these clinics for rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction in Istanbul, face-nose-chin-body-hip aesthetics, dermatology, and gynecological procedures to improve their self-esteem, confidence, and physical attractiveness. If you think you’ll need cosmetic or aesthetic surgery soon, make sure you check and make an appointment at some of Istanbul’s top cosmetic and aesthetic clinics to enjoy your new appearance in a cost-effective and attractive manner. 

Istanbul Breast Surgery

In Istanbul and Turkey, women seeking breast augmentation, lifting, or reduction for both cosmetic and health reasons can discover a variety of world-class facilities and doctors. Find out prices at one of Istanbul Turkey’s top rated surgeons in Acibadem Hospital or Estetik International, and clinics for breast augmentation, lift, and reduction, and obtain your natural appearance with new generation techniques in a cost-effective and attractive manner. Istanbul Breast Surgery is top quality and ensures safety.