Hair loss may cause males to become anxious and panicked, which can lead to depression and a desire to avoid social situations. If you think you’re going to lose your hair soon, make an appointment with one of these top-rated hair transplant clinics and surgeons in Istanbul, Turkey, and start living your new life in a cost-effective and happy manner. 

Why Should I Choose Istanbul For Hair Transplant?

Istanbul, Turkey, is one of the most popular destinations for hair transplants in the globe. Istanbul is an excellent option for medical tourists looking for the finest hair transplant vacation plan because of its extremely cheap rates, quality of service in its world-class facilities with the newest technology, and quality, and economical healthcare. 

The majority of hair transplant clinics in Turkey are in Istanbul, making hair transplant in Turkey one of the most popular options in the world. Then it’s on to Ankara and Izmir. At addition, numerous hair transplant doctors conduct hair transplant procedures in the many contracted high-level private hospitals under advantageous circumstances. 

The majority of medical tourists come to Istanbul and Turkey for hair transplant procedures from the Middle East, Gulf, and European nations, since medical tourism in Istanbul has grown rapidly in recent years across worldwide markets. Turkey is also one of the top three nations for hair transplant operations in the globe. Istanbul has some of the best hair transplant facilities in the world at extremely reasonable rates. 

Hair Transplant Techniques In Istanbul

In the area of hair transplantation surgery, there are two major surgical methods. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are two of them (FUE). However, in light of subsequent advancements, the FUT method is no longer recommended. In the area of hair transplantation, DHI hair transplant is a next generation technique. Since a few years, the DHI technique has been regarded the most successful choice. When opposed to the DHI technique, the FUE method may be excellent since it covers a wider region. However, the DHI technique has a high success rate in attaining greater density. 

Turkey Hair Transplant Costs

If you’ve been considering a hair transplant to restore your hair, you’ve undoubtedly been surprised by the prices in the EU, UK, or US. When you examine the prices and quality of treatment in Istanbul Turkey clinics, you’ll quickly realize that it’s the most cost-effective and practical option. The majority of hair transplant facilities in Istanbul provide a well-organized tour with a guide and counselor. 

Hair transplants in Istanbul are much less expensive than in the United Kingdom, the United States, or other similar countries. The cost is dependent on the kind of surgery performed and the number of grafts implanted. The results are among the best in the world, thanks to the fierce competition and plenty of skilled surgeons in the Turkish medical tourism sector. Furthermore, while in Istanbul, you will get the opportunity to see some of the greatest historical attractions in the world, such as the Dolmabahce Palace and Hagia Sophia!