Istanbul cosmetic clinics are by far the most cost-effective and practical choice when it comes to pricing and treatment quality. 


Botox Surgery In Istanbul

To begin the procedure, a local anesthetic cream is applied to the afflicted area, followed by injections with very fine needles approximately 30 minutes later. As a rule of thumb, the effects of Botox in Turkey begin 3 to 4 days after the injection and continue 10 to 14 days. Toxin retouching requires patients to return to the clinic 10 to 2 weeks after the application. Numerous clinics provide a well-organized Trip To Istanbul that includes a complete treatment plan, as well as all logistics. Accommodation strategy that best fits your needs, airport pick-up service to your hotel and clinic and vice versa, as well as lifetime aftercare. 

Planning A Botox Surgery In Istanbul

It’s easy to make a cosmetic surgery appointment in Istanbul by following the steps below: Look for your service provider on the internet; there are many great clinics and hospitals to select from. Check out their website to see their before and after pictures, as well as their final results. They will contact you as quickly as possible for your botox surgery in Istanbul if you like the results and are pleased with them. You may reach them by phone or by leaving your phone number on their system. when they contact you, they’ll assign you a case manager, who will be in charge of your case from the first day until you’ve finished your surgery and have left Istanbul for good. 

How To Book Botox Surgery In Istanbul?

Your offer will be considered by the doctor, who will reply with his or her thoughts. This means that the offer will be customized to meet your needs and requirements. You may also discuss your treatment plan with your case manager until you’re happy with the outcome. Final steps include arranging your arrival in Istanbul, scheduling the operation with the case manager, and purchasing the plane ticket. The rest will be handled by your case manager. All clinics and hospitals are well-versed in arranging your travel plans, since they’ve been doing it professionally for many years now. 

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