It is especially appealing to expatriates because it provides access to a wide range of medical services in addition to basic health coverage. Its access to various provides the convenience of safeguarding without geographical or time constraints: you are protected wherever you are, even for short trips, and at any moment.

The benefits of health insurance

  • We encourage you at every process of your expatriation by not enforcing a total annual limit on your coverage.
  • You have the freedom to consult the private healthcare or healthcare facilities of your decision without being constrained by a provider network.
  • Evacuation and repatriation are included in all of our proposals, as is 24-hour medical support.
  • Customized for you: Each insured under the same policy can select one of three levels of coverage based on their specific needs.

Our insurance plans include the following benefits:

  • Hospitalization expenses with no annual cap
  • Maternity matters up to a maximum of €20,000
  • Sessions of therapy and psychotherapy
  • Up to €5,000 in major dental treatment
  • Health examinations up to €500

What is the purpose of Expat Health Insurance?

Expatriate health insurance is intended for people who live and work in another country. It is intended to provide you and your family with the best healthcare available, no matter where you are in the universe. With efficient and reliable ex-pat health insurance policies tailored to professionals, you can ensure that your healthcare requirements are satisfied.

Do I require it?

Many individuals are unsure of the high cost of healthcare around the world. If you are ever required to use a health service in another country, you could end up paying thousands of dollars because some processes are simply far more costly than people believe. By purchasing international medical insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are financially protected in the event of a medical emergency.

Maternity Leave

Maternity care in private clinics can be prohibitively expensive in many regions. If you intend to become a mother as an expatriate, you must obtain maternity care. Most plans require a twelve-month waiting time before covering maternity-related costs.

Existing Medical Conditions?

Most insurers will refuse applications with pre-existing health conditions; nevertheless, some will charge an extra premium to accept the application, based on the intensity of the medical condition.

Once you apply for a residence permit, you must obtain private insurance. You can use your travel insurance or any global insurance that encompasses Turkey in hospitals. If you bring your passport, you can get private medical insurance from our Taksim headquarters within an hour. Your healthcare insurance period should correspond to the best dates for your situation. As a result, the validity of your residence permit will not be less than you assume

Frequently Asked Question

Can I drive in Turkey with my permission?
Foreigners are permitted to drive in Turkey as long as they keep their passport, global driver's license, and vehicle driving license with them at all times. Turkey drives on the hand side of the road, and its advanced road system allows for easy connectivity to all parts of the country.
What are the hours of opening for pharmacies in Turkey?
Except for Sunday, pharmacies are open every day from 09.00 to 19.00. However, one pharmacy is open 24/7 in each area by the time the others are closed.
Why should you get medical treatment in Turkey?
Turkey provides high-quality medical care at the lowest possible cost. In comparison to any other European destination, Turkey has the most Joint Commission