The country is a tourist destination for thousands of people from all over the world every year, and the number of medical tourists is close to that of traveling tourists. Even in the first three months of 2021 only, the number of people who came to Turkey for health tourism is over 642.000, showing how much the country is preferred for medical assistance. The expenditure of the tourists who seek medical help provides a good percentage of the country’s income from international visitors, which can reach up to 12 billion dollars. Medical tourists can have their medical help at reasonable prices that cost far less than what it would have cost in their home country. Because of the global exchange rate and how the Turkish Lira is affected by it, the expenditure of a health tourist can be below 2000 dollars based on their operation. The country is mostly preferred in areas such as gynecology, dentistry, general surgery, and otorhinolaryngology. The country has state hospitals that offer free medical assistance for those who have General Health Insurance, private hospitals, and private clinics with independent doctors. All of these establishments try to employ the best doctors in their fields and obtain the latest technologies for better better treatment of the patients.


·       The Republic of Turkey as a destination of health tourism.

·       Hundred of thousands of people who visit Turkey for medical assistance.

·       Reasonable prices in Turkey for treatments that cost less than in other countries.

·       3 types of health centres that offer medical help in the best way they can.

·       A variety of fields on which the doctors in Turkey can offer qualified treatments.

Statistics show that your health is in good hands in Turkey!

Turkey is one of the most preferred tourist destinations for international travelers. While the tourist image is generally an international adventurer, there are also participants of health tourism for medical assistance in other countries. The Republic of Turkey is one of the most acclaimed countries that offer quality medical assistance for patients. The country has hundreds of thousands of patients that come for medical help in the hands of a qualified doctors. Apart from 2020, in which the global pandemic reduced the numbers because of international bans and regulations, the number of health tourists has been increasing greatly in the past years. The number of medical tourists exceeded half a million even only in the first quarter of 2021, which shows that the patients are willing to visit the country in the dead of winter for assistance. In addition to its qualified doctors, the country also offers reasonable prices for patients. The reason behind these cheap prices stems from two facts: while the government gives importance to the general health of the population, the currency of the country has troubles against the global exchange rate, which makes medical assistance in the country even more reason for health tourists. Tourists from countries like the USA that do not support a beneficial healthcare system generally come to Turkey for their treatments which can cost below 2000 dollars. The doctors are qualified in their fields, offering a variety of treatments in various subjects that change from gynecology, dentistry, general surgery and otorhinolaryngology. You can be sure that your health will be better in Turkey if you wish to join health tourism

Frequently Asked Question

Is health tourism in Turkey expensive?
Turkey offers medical assistance far cheaper than most of the countries in Europe and America.
Is the medical health the doctors in Turkey offer good?
Thousands of people choose Turkey for medical assistance every year both because of reasonable prices and for qualified doctors.
What are the most popular fields of medical assistance in Turkey?
While the doctors in Turkey offer help in almost every area, the most popular ones are gynecology, dentistry, general surgery, and otorhinolaryngology.